Tuesday: NCAA, Oasis, Team Canada & More

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Adelaide Crows concept (by Matt D.)
If you showed me this team's Aussie rules football uni first I would have expected more from the hockey jersey. That bird logo is pretty cool, so I think it was a bad move going with a wordmark. Also, those stripes are the main event on the football uniform, but then they're relegated to the side of the hockey jersey. This is fairly well executed though. 6/10

Arizona State concept (by Trey)
First off, I think the gloves are too flashy. Next, I think the jersey would be good with just the stripes and maybe the yoke. However, I would definitely remove the red air knit sections. Also, because this file wasn't sent as a PNG it really doesn't have that nice crisp quality look to it. 6/10

Kansas City Scouts concept (by Tristan)
This is a really good jersey that totally fits the team. My small nitpicks then would be the lack of shoulder patches, but do this need them? Also, the Reebok on the back of the jersey should be distinguishable. 8/10

Mississauga Steelheads concepts (by Shaun)
Because Mississauga is in Leafs territory it might not be a bad idea for this team to use their sweaters. As a concept, this is a bit unoriginal, but it is a good idea. Minor hockey has never been known to do very well in some Toronto areas. 7/10

Mississauga Steelheads concepts (by Dmitri)
The two jerseys at the top do a nice job of giving the Steelheads their own look, but at the same time giving them a slight tie-in to the Maple Leafs. A condition of the sale of the former Mississauga St. Mike's Majors was that they couldn't use that brand. So, the two jerseys at the bottom wouldn't fly. Everything here is executed very nicely though. 8/10

Bob & Doug Mckenzie concepts (by Chris Z.)
This is humourous and also very interesting that the Bob & Doug brand have never actually produced something like these. The jerseys themselves are a little cartoonish, but so are Bob & Doug. I really like how Chris used the "stubbies" for the beer bottle instead of just going with a regular bottle. 7/10

Saint Louis University concepts (by Darren)
The home and road concepts at the top are very excellent. They make the team and the school look very prestigious. Unfortunately that alternate sweater with the mascot takes that all away. If you took that jersey away from this set it would be a perfect jersey set. 8/10

University of New Hampshire concepts (by Brady)
This right here is a perfect jersey set. I don't know much about NCAA hockey, but I would want to buy one of these sweaters and support this school. COTW nom from me! 9/10

Boston Bruins concept (by D3troit1388)
I like the vintage jersey here and everything seems really well executed. To add to the vintage look it would be cool to see this logo on a big white felt patch. If you could show that somehow it would really help this concept. 7/10

Florida Panthers concept (by HJC)
My goal here was to take elements from the popular jerseys that the Panthers first used and try and combine them with what was good from the 3rd jersey they just retired.

Oasis concept (by Sam N.)
I really like seeing these rock group jerseys. This one is pretty cool and it obviously portrays Oasis as the British rock group that they were. They number on the back is a cool idea, but would be very hard to read. This one just needs some refining. 6/10

Melbourne Demons concept (by Matt D.)
As a hockey jersey this looks really good. These guys look like they would be the New York Rangers of the AFL. Again though, when I look at the football uniform and then at the hockey sweater they don't look like the same team except for the colours. I must say though that all of the concepts in this series are going to be very well executed. 7/10

Team Canada concepts (by Brendan)
I'm one of those people who doesn't like black on a Team Canada jersey. Of course there is an exception to every rule and this is that exception. I don't like black unless it is used as a trim colour on a Team Canada jersey. Brendan has done a good job with that. The only thing I don't like is the font he has used for CANADA on the logo. 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Steven G.)
This is very well executed and the Canes are one of those teams that could pull off a grey 3rd jersey. There are a lot of people that will really like this. I'm not too big of a fan of it because of the chest stripe and the lack of the hurricane flag pattern. 7/10
Tuesday: NCAA, Oasis, Team Canada & More Reviewed by Ryan on July 03, 2012 Rating: 5


MMcG said...

I like the KC jersey a lot! Well done.

Richard Mazella said...

To match the siding, I would put the colored stipes along the shoulders as it would add some carachter. Ryan is right about needing the Crow's head instead of script across the chest. It still gets an 8 for some of the additional detail.
MFC would be able to pull this off, it make me think of how superior they would have been schematically over the Melbourne University FC if that club were still around. 9/10

Tyler Gross said...

I seconds Brady's COTW! Love those, so sweet!

Brian said...

Chris Z for COTW

stlsnake1985 said...

Yeah Ryan, I'm kinda surprised myself that the Bob & Doug line of merchandise doesn't have a jersey out too, considering they make "Slap Shot" and "Mighty Ducks" movie jerseys. I'd think something with them on it would be big sellers. The action figures they have of them are awesome! They look just like em!

Adam said...

As a UNH alumn, love that set except for the logo on the third and borderline on using the Wild's number font. Use UNH's current font and UNH logo on the third and I'd buy them all!

Brady Sufat said...

Adam, Thanks for the comments on my concept! I'm glad you like them. For the 3rd jersey I was just trying to do something a little different and I wanted to use UNH's font, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I don't know about you, but I can't see them changing their jerseys anytime soon, considering how long they've had the same ones.

Steven Grant said...

Ryan, I love what you did to the logo on the Panthers concept. Cotw nomination from me. (I might have to steal that idea for some other teams).

Adam said...

No, they probably won't.

The Toronto Blue Jays used the same font too.

Ryan said...

Thanks Steven. Steal away!

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