HJC Open Round 1 Results

Here are the results from the first round of the HJC Open. To those that were eliminated, thanks for taking part in the tournament. For those that advanced, take a look at the HJC Open page to see who your Round 2 opponent is. You then have until Wednesday @ 11:59pm EST to get your next entry in. It can be ANY concept except for the concept you entered for the first round of the competition. It also must comply with all of the guidelines set out on the HJC OPEN page.


1) Stéphane  -  10
19) Glen  -  8

2) Justin  -  11
20) Kevin D.  -  7

3) Mason H.  -  17
18) Cody  -  1

4) Tex  -  16
17) Spirit104  -  2

16) Ross  -  9
5) Steven G.  -  5
14) Thomas L.  -  4

15) Dylan  -  11
6) Brandon C.  -  6
13) WinnipegJets96  -  1

7) Kyle C.  -  9
12) Matt D.  -  8
10) Ricky  -  1

9) Brady  -  7
8) Torin  -  6
11) Colin  -  5


What surprised you? Are there any match-ups here that went exactly as you thought they would? How do you feel about your personal results, if you were in the tournament?

Also, if you were eliminated this round (or any round in the future) feel free to send in your concept as a regular concept if you have not sent it in before. Maybe you'll get a second chance with a COTW nom.
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Alan John Herbert said...

I knew Dylan going to pull a upset, I called it!
Ross made a big upset and it was a close race along with other match ups.
The one match up I'm disappointed was Tex vs Spirit104, I was hoping for a close race, but oh well.
Great Round everyone!

winnipegjets96 said...

Congrats Dylan!

DBro Alexander said...

Hahaha thanks guys. I was really impressed with all the concepts in the first round. All very strong. I'm surprised some of these matchups weren't closer.

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