Weekend Updates: FHS Concepts

Earlier this month I was contacted by Jeff who is the Athletic Director and a hockey coach at Fredericton High School in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He is a reader of the blog and was interested in getting a new sweater made for his high school team. He also was looking at possibly getting a new logo. Jeff thought some HJC concept artists could submit some ideas, and they did. Here are the concepts that came in along with Jeff's comments on them (in italics). I will also leave my rating and all of these concepts are COTW eligible, if you choose to nominate one.


Took me a few seconds to realise what was attached to the F. I really like the creativity. Some people thought the claw marks took away from the F logo. Not a big fan of the Reebok jerseys. They are a little too plain, especially the white ones.

Eric W.
Not a big fan of the jerseys themselves. I still don't know what is going on with the logo. Extra credit for the research to find actual players names and numbers.

Fabio B.
Definitely the most modern and cutting edge concepts we received. I like the jerseys, the BK logo, and the Black Kats Logo. The Kat head logo is hard to get used to but definitely well done. Might be considered for a 3rd jersey. In the top 5.

Jake B.
Logo looks more like a bear. Reminds me of the Alberta Golden Bears logo.

Justin C.
Nice try with the logo but it is very cartoon like. Shoulder patch is not too bad. The jersey itself is ok.

Matt D.
Too much yellow and not enough white. Not a fan of the silhouette face of the Kat.

Matt M.
One of my favourites. Looked better once he flip the Kat head to look the other way. I Like the classic look of the jersey. Definitely one that will be considered. 

Ryan (HJC)
I like the classic look of all the jerseys. The color and striping on all of the jerseys is well done and I would use any of them as a base for a jersey. The SP touch adds to the quality. The top left lettering remind me of the UNB Varsity Reds team here in Fredericton. My overall favourite in this set would be the top right. These are in the top choices as well.

Ryan P.
Poorly done and I don't like the logo at all. Not to the standard of what I would consider a Pro Style jersey.

WinnipegJets96 (x2)
The jersey is a Bruins jersey and should remain so. It says "Bear" when you look and the striping. Logo is nothing new.

Again not a fan of the jersey and the F logo looks like it is pixalated even thought it is not.

Love the jerseys especially the black. The colors work better on this Reebok white jersey. The logo are good but the claw marks look more like lightning bolts. The Kat head looks like a wolf more then a kat. Great layout and description.

Thomas L.
I like all of these. Classic. The FHS ones are similar to ones we have had in the past but the jersey, especially the black looks great. I like the circle logo. Will be one to be considered.


Jeff invites anyone to alter their concept, or come up with a new idea, and send it in. He also has said earlier that they MIGHT be able to get a jersey made for the chosen artist IF they go with a concept that is sent in. They are also more likely to get a white jersey this year, as that is how their rotation currently works.

Even if you didn't send in a concept before you are welcome to. There are a few things that NEED to be followed though;
- a NEW logo
- use the colours of the Boston Bruins
- team name is the Black Kats

You can send your concepts to concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com
Weekend Updates: FHS Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on June 30, 2012 Rating: 5


Steven Grant said...

Matt M. for cotw. It's the best, with Stephane and Ryan(HJC) the two next best.

I also liked Fabio's logos, but not the jerseys.

cody said...

Matt seconded! That is by far the best one here, along with a great logo.

morgan said...

i really like fabios BK logo a nice improvement on the classic cat

David Kerr said...

Not awful, not great, my favorites would Thomas's or Ryan (HJC)'s. I personally don't like new-age cartoony designs, but that is my personal opinion.

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