Wednesday: Super Series Entries #3


Maybe most of you are focused on your Super Series entries, but very few COTW votes have come in. Committee Members, take a moment and email in your vote.
COTW May 28-June 3 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Jeff, who is the Athletic Director (and a team coach) at Fredericton High School in Fredericton, New Brunswick, contacted me and was wondering if we could come up with a new logo and jersey(s) for the school's hockey team. They are called the Fredericton Black Kats and they use the colours of the Boston Bruins. Check out their current logos HERE & HERE, the white jersey, and their black jersey. Email your concepts into HJC if you come up with something and I will send them to Jeff.


Super Series Entries

Super Series Entry (by Bastian)

Super Series Entry (by Brady)

Super Series Entry (by Dmitri)

Super Series Entry (by Kevin P.)

Super Series Entry (by Kirk)

Super Series Entry (by Stéphane)


If the Kings win tonight and effectively end the 2011-12 NHL season, don't forget that HJC isn't going anywhere. I run the blog all the way through the summer, just like I do during the season. Contests, COTW, concepts and everything else. Of course, at the end of August I have a child due, so I don't know how things will change here. However, we press on!


Boston University concepts (by Kevin D.)
Now these look like college hockey sweaters! Excellent job with all three jerseys here. 9/10

San Antonia Rampage concepts (by Elias)
I'm a fan of these, with the arm and yoke striping. I'm not a fan of the horns coming down from the yoke though. I appreciate the attempt to add something unique and I'm sure there would probably be fans of it out there. 7/10

San Jose Sharks concept (by Deferoiler)
I like the sleeves on this jersey. I think it would be better if the white went all the way to the cuffs though. I think the helmet would be better as a black helmet. I'd also not use the Kings' font for the numbers and add a thin white outline. 6/10

Team Canada concepts (by Matt C.)
I like the potential of this concept. I've always like the logo that has been used here. Yet, this could use some TV numbers and I'd like to see the 3 stripes and them hem be on their own like they are on the arms. 6/10

Hockey Night in Canada concept (by Michael L.)
I like this jersey and I would buy one, except for the blue side panels. I'd keep the blue on the arm, but I'd get rid of the sides. It would be interesting to see what kind of numbering would come standard with this jersey. 7/10

Minnesota Wild concept (by Sam N.)
It might be difficult to see the black stripes with this shade of green. I'd go with more of a North Stars' green, or more of an ash black. Also, the numbers (I like that they are grey) should go over top of the tie-down. 7/10

New York Islanders concept (by Brian B.)
And again we see how much better the Islanders could have done with their 3rd jersey. Now that the 4 Cup stripes have been placed in the primary logo (on the stick), I don't know if this shoulder patch is necessary. 8/10

New York Islanders concept (by Brandon C.)
You can apply the same comments from the previous concept to this one as well. 8/10

Winter Classic concepts (by NB14)
I really like this Leafs jersey and how NB14 has used the Leafs logo without the outline. I think the Red Wings jersey and that logo/wordmark would work better if there was not chest stripe. 8/10

Springfield Falcons concepts (by Elias)
I like the idea of those stripes under the sleeve stripes. However, I think it might be more effective if there were about half as much as there are and if they were thicker. 7/10

Cornell University concepts (by Kevin D.)
Excellent choice with the serifed varsity font. I don't know the NCAA too well, but I kind of want to see the Big Red's bear logo on at least one of the sweaters. 8/10

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Dylan)
The purple alternate on the bottom-left would be a PERFECT 3rd jersey for the Kings next season. The home and away are also great. The specialty jersey is okay, but I personally would like to see the arm stripe (not sleeve stripe) outlined in white. 9/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by GKennedy)
We've seen similar versions of this Flyers jersey before. GKennedy tries to switch it up a little by placing a sublimated logo near the cuffs. It's a neat idea I just don't know how effective it would be. Would it just get lost and forgotten because of its location? 8/10

Military Appreciation Night concepts (by Scott M.)
The timing worked out great with these concepts as I got to post them on the anniversary of D-Day. These are executed perfectly! I love the team and player names badges on the front of the jerseys. The colours are also spot on. I'm not a big military enthusiast, but I really think these jerseys are creative and respectful. Here comes another... 10/10 ...and a COTW nom!
Wednesday: Super Series Entries #3 Reviewed by Ryan on June 06, 2012 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

I like the sublimated Flyers logo on GKennedy's concept. I think it might be high enough on the arm to where it wouldn't get lost. If I were to move it somewhere on the jersey I'd either make it a bit smaller and put it on the shoulders or even try maybe behind the TV numbers

NB14 said...

Scott M for COTW

Justin said...

Scotts Military jerseys for COTW! Those look great!

winnipegjets96 said...

NB14 for COTW

Brady Sufat said...

Living in New Hampshire, I'm not a Boston University fan, but I really like Kevin's BU jerseys. Only thing I would like to have seen done differently is using the arched script... That being said, COTW nom from me

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