Wednesday: 14 New Concepts

Get your COTW votes in. Because of the lack of a post on Monday, the voting deadline has been pushed back to Friday.
COTW June 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


I will be in Calgary this weekend, so you will have to pay attention to the HJC Facebook page and Twitter account to learn who the winner of the above vote will be. Don't worry, just because I will be away doesn't mean there won't be a post. I have a couple of auto-posts set up. On Thursday and Friday, they will go up at 4:30pm EST.


I expanded the tournament to 20 entries and now all of them are filled. The initial 16 HJC Open spots were spoken for within 4 hours of announcing the competition! I even took myself out of the tournament to allow for everyone who emailed me to get in and added the 4 additional spots. The tournament doesn't officially begin until Monday, but you can check out the HJC OPEN page now to see what the first round match-ups are going to be. All of those entered, just make sure you are familiar with all the rules for the comp.


St. Louis Blues concepts (by Kevin D.)
How awesome would it be to have the Blues come into your city on a Saturday night wearing these? Nice work again. 8/10

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brandon C.)
This is a really excellent jersey and also well executed. The only thing that I could recommend is adding a bit of a thicker white outline to the shoulder patches to match the primary logo and the numbers. 8/10

Fairfax Kangaroos concept (by Timmy B.)
This was Timmy's team in D.C. from 2005-07. There are some issues with this one, but it is Timmy's first concept. Try to use more sports like numbers instead of a generic font. This could also use shoulder patches or TV numbers, or you could remove the NHL shield from the collar insert. Anything to help this not look like a logo slapped on a Leafs jersey, which it does right now. 2/10

New York Rangers concept (by Tristan)
This is what Tristan thinks the Rangers would look like if the league switched to the Nike Swift jersey cut. I agree except for the NOB, which I think would be more legible if it were white. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Dmitri)
The unused side profile logo does look quite good on the old Sens 3rd jersey. Nicely executed here too. 7/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Ian)
I think I would prefer hem stripes on the alternate sweater, unless there were some decent stripes on the pants. Perhaps the 40th anniversary retro jersey pants? The silver trim really helps the green stripes pop. However, I don't think it works well on the collar. I would just go with the green and white. 8/10

New York Islanders concept (by NB14)
To me, this one is actually not as good (worse, I guess) than the current 3rd jersey. I don't like how there is only white on the collar and logo. The lighthouse logo as a shoulder patch is such a smart move though. 6/10

Team Germany concepts (by Stephen T.)
The black and white jerseys are quite good, except I don't care for the coloured mesh parts on the sides and under the arms. The yellow alternate sweaters is aces! However, I'm not digging the red version at all. 7/10

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Shaun)
Shaun has moved the Coyotes to Quebec and subsequently re-branded their farm team, the Portland Pirates. The Nordiques look great, but the Pirates aren't working for me in these colours. Perhaps it would be better if they used some thin red trim? 7/10

Adirondack Phantoms concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 8/10

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Brandon C.)
This is a really excellent Habs 3rd jersey. The stripes hint at the classic red sweater, but are something completely different on their own. Biggest problem is that Price is #31, not #30. 8/10

Sarnia Sting concept (by Thomas L.)
The Sting will have a new yellow 3rd jersey (designed by HJC contributor Dylan), but it won't look like this. This however, does look quite good. A simple striping pattern goes well with the brighter yellow. 7/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by Dylan)
These sweaters are great with the blue one being my favourite. I'd go with three stars on the side, just like the sleeves. I would also space them out a bit more. The Captain America themed jersey is also good, but obviously not fitting for the NHL. You can check out all of Dylan's concepts on his Facebook page, D Bro Designs. 8/10

Chicago Blackhawks concepts (by Kevin D.)
We've seen a version of the black jersey before, but there just might be enough changes there for people to purchase this version as well. I don't think too many people would get on board with the white jersey. Maybe only some Hawks fans? It's just so boring, in my opinion. 7/10
Wednesday: 14 New Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on June 20, 2012 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

Dylan for COTW

Anonymous said...

the problem with the roos jersey is that the place that we played only had generic numbers in there proshop and it would cost extra to get some good numbers made. since we were a rec league team (played once a week), i didn't want people to pay a lot. each jersey was $45 at the time.

Elias R. said...

Second Dylan for COTW

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