Tuesday: Super Series Entry #1

Super Series Entries

Super Series entry (by Jesper)


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Rockford Ice Hogs concepts (by Elias)
Adding the hem stripes to the bottom of the old Hawks' 3rd jersey, makes these tolerable for the Ice Hogs. Having pretty much already seen the black jersey, I prefer the wheat version here. 7/10

Air Force NCAA concepts (by Kevin)
As one series ends for Kevin, another begins with his NCAA re-desgins. This seems to fit the Air Force well with the blue, steel, and white. The extra "blocky" numbers are a nice touch and the name on the front chest is great. 8/10

Central Michigan Chippewas concept (by Alex)
To me, this C logo isn't strong enough for a primary crest. It's much better suited as an shoulder patch. How about a wordmark that just said "CENTRAL"? Execution is generally decent, just make sure to lighten the shading on the full player model next time. 6/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Deferoiler)
I applaud the attempt to be unique with the shoulder yokes, but it's not working for me. I'd also like to see the hem stripes match the arms stripes and the removal of the light blue hem trim. The logo has been really stretched out and now looks too pixelated. 5/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Brian D.)
I really, really like the design coming from the yoke that contains the TV numbers. Excellent work there. I think the D in the logo should be moved in front of the star because from a distance, or with a quick look, the D looks like a C. 8/10

Philadelphia Firebirds concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
From Wikipedia, HERE are the Firebirds in their original white sweaters from 1976. With the colours used here and the word "Fire" appearing in the team name, all I can relate this to is the Flames. If this were a Flames farm team, using the original colours would be great, with green replacing black. 6/10

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Darren H.)
The alternates aren't my favourites. The black home jersey is quite nice. I would take the arm stripes from Alternate 2 and place them on the road concept. I would want to get some more black and that white jersey. 7/10

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Brian B.)
I love how Brian has used brown instead of black. It works really well. The jersey striping is good except for the oh so obvious Bruins yokes. I would also go with a brown helmet instead of sand. 8/10

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Dylan A.)
The bottom left alternate is a PERFECT Coyotes 3rd jersey! I personally would like to see some black trim, same as a couple concepts before. I also don't think that collar laces needed to be added to the retro specialty jersey. 8/10

New York Islanders concept (by Kirk)
At first glance, the jersey looks good and the idea is a good one. Looking deeper at the execution is when some problems show up. The white trim on the orange stripes is of varying thicknesses and they aren't completely straight. With some refining this could be a solid concept. 6/10

Boston College concepts (by Kevin)
As you could probably guess, I love the alternate. The home and road have good striping, but I'm not a fan of that "BC-eagle" logo as a primary. Maybe it's because I don't know NCAA that well and I'm not used to it or its traditions. 7/10

Rochester Americans concepts (by Elias)
I kind of like the craziness of these jerseys. I think one of them would work better as an alternate though. Arm stripes that match the hem stripes would be an ace jersey! 7/10

Hershey Bears concepts (by Brady)
Great idea with the sublimated patterns on the yokes and cuffs. At first you may not notice them, but then it becomes some neat addition. It takes a classic jersey and gives it some great character. COTW nom from me. 8/10

Hartford Whalers concept (by Scott M.)
Scott uses the Plymouth Whalers' logo because he thought that he read somewhere that the logo was originally a Hartford concept logo (?). It looks good on this jersey, but I think blue stripes instead of black would look better. 7/10
Tuesday: Super Series Entry #1 Reviewed by Ryan on June 05, 2012 Rating: 5


Scott Markiewicz said...

I found the link where I read about the Whalers logo being a concept logo. here it is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Czarnik.

Anonymous said...

The Whalers logo was indeed supposed to be used for Hartford, but with the move to Carolina, the owner (Peter Karmanos) decided to use it for the Detroit/Plymouth Whalers (since he owns them too)

Tex said...

Kevin's Air Force for COTW, that's one of my personal favorite concepts ever now, can't say enough about it. Phenomenal job.

AJH Smackdownrider Youtube said...

Kevin's Air Force got COTW nom from me.

Brian said...

Brady's Hershey Bears concept is very awesome! It gets a COTW nomination from me.

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