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Team Japan concept (by Stephen T.)
This is a cool design for a Japanese national team. The only item that I don't care for is the coloured knit underneath the arms. 7/10

Houston HC concepts (by Chuckie)
Essentially Chuckie has taken the uniforms of the MLS' Houston Dynamo and applied them to a fictional hockey team. This may have too many ties to the soccer club for people to accept it as a hockey team. They may just dismiss this team and say, "Whatever, they're just trying to be the soccer team". I also notice that Chuckie has given himself credit for adding a HC underneath an already existing wordmark. That doesn't constitute creating a logo. 6/10

Seattle Spartans concepts (by Deferoiler)
I find the jerseys to be too boring. If a new Seattle team had a big reveal for these, I would be very disappointed and I don't think they would get too many peoples attention. I would suggest different shades of red and green and some more stripes on the jerseys. 5/10

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by MasonII)
This seems to be an idea that people like, reviving the Thrashers in the AHL. I don't agree, as pro hockey has been tried twice in Atlanta and both times Atlanta has rejected it. Anyways, the unis are excellent and very well executed. 8/10

Calgary Flames concepts (by Caz) *Description on concept. 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Kirk T.)
I could definitely see the red jersey working with the grey pants. I don't know if the white one would though. The jerseys themselves are good, but I personally would like to see the hurricane flag, or the pattern, or some shoulder patches. 7/10

Toronto Blue Jays concepts (by Nevill)
Nevill has done a really great job transferring the Jays' uniforms to a hockey sweater! I would buy any of these. Of course if the Jays sold them it would be a little insulting to the team as it would insinuate that sports can't sell in Toronto unless hockey is involved. Not true! 8/10

New York Rangers concepts (by NB14)
The alternate is good, but I think the wordmark and number underneath could be bigger. The home and road jerseys have a cool design also, but again I would think a bigger logo would work. 7/10

Connecticut Whale concept (by Scott M.)
On the same day that the Rangers ended their deal with the owners of the Whale (not the team, just the owners), Scott gets this "Pink in the Rink" concept posted. It's nice work and what you would expect from a pink jersey. That logo looks even worse in pink though! 7/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Brandon C.)
These are good, but Florida Panthers good. Which means we can accept them and that they don't suck, but you could do much better. Of course compared to the black football sweaters they have now, these are great. 7/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by MasonII)
The home and road concepts are perfect, get them on those players now! The alternate isn't great though. I think as a jersey set these would be better off without an alternate than this one. I don't mind the idea of a football inspired jersey in Dallas, but with obvious hockey elements. 8/10

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Kevin D.)
I like the jerseys, especially the home blue one. On the backs, it may be the same font but I don't think that the NOB font goes well with these numbers. On a second look, maybe it's because the numbers look so big and thus it seems as if the NOB is getting crushed. 7/10

Sarnia Sting concepts (by Dylan A.)
Dylan won the Sting's 3rd jersey competition (jersey on the top left, different logo will be used) and he wanted to create a complete set using his jersey as the basis. They are all very excellent, I have no complaints about any of them. If I had to pick favourites, it would be the top row. 9/10
Wednesday's Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on June 27, 2012 Rating: 5


AJH Smackdownrider Youtube said...

Kevin D Nords concept for COTW.

Tyler Gross said...

Nevill for COTW. Also, no title?

Anonymous said...

Kevin D's Nords jerseys could make a perfect set for the Winnipeg Jets. He made a much better use of the two shades of blue.

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