Thursday: Entries & We Need Your Votes

Committee Members, today is the last day to vote for the COTW and right now it's TIED! If you have yet to vote, send it in before the deadline.
COTW May 28-June 3 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


This is from yesterday, but the more concepts the better. Some good stuff has been sent in so far, keep it up...

Jeff, who is the Athletic Director (and a team coach) at Fredericton High School in Fredericton, New Brunswick, contacted me and was wondering if we could come up with a new logo and jersey(s) for the school's hockey team. They are called the Fredericton Black Kats and they use the colours of the Boston Bruins. Check out their current logos HERE & HERE, the white jersey, and their black jersey. Email your concepts into HJC if you come up with something and I will send them to Jeff.


Super Series Entries

Super Series entry (by Eric W.)

Super Series entry (by GKennedy)

Super Series entry (by Justin)

Super Series entry (by Kyle C.)

Super Series entry (by Ryan P.)

Super Series entry (by Steven G.)


Syracuse Crunch concepts (by Elias)
Both jerseys look quite cool, especially the gold one. I personally, would take away the stripes just under the yokes, as it looks too "Bruins-ish". I'd also not use the Kings' numbers for the Ducks' farm team. 8/10

Denver University concepts (by Kevin)
The two white jerseys are quite good. The 3rd jersey does a great job of looking like a school jersey...in a good way. I also really like the sublimated pattern behind the player number. The black jersey might be too dark though, or maybe the colours would look brighter out on the ice. 8/10

Real Betis/Penguins concept (by Martin)
Martin calls this a "fan friendship" concept between soccer's Real Betis and hockey's Pittsburgh Penguins, obviously two of Martin's favs. How he has put together the two logos is decent, but nothing about the jersey says Penguins except for the player on the back and the logo inside the other logo. 5/10

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by NB14)
I think the home and road concepts could work here if the yokes were just plain. I think the shoulder patch is okay though. It would be cool if the eye of the buffalo in that logo was blue or yellow. I think the primary logo could be bigger though. 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Jay V.)
This would be a neat idea for the 2012 NHL Preseason, the Penguins honouring the Steelers' 75th anniversary. This actually looks better as a hockey jersey, in my opinion. I think the Penguins' font instead of the Bruins' font for the NOB would be better though. 8/10

New Jersey Devils concept (by John B.)
I like this because it's not just a green version of the retro jersey. There's something different enough about it. The horns on the numbers is a cool idea, but it seems more like a minor league idea to me. The 3 stripes in the number represent the team's 3 Cups. Don't worry, you won't need to add a 4th. 7/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Brandon C.)
I like it because it's classic. I would just go with the current Kings font/numbers, or something from their past. It also looks like Brandon has chosen his Vezina winner this year. 7/10

Hampton Hellcats concepts (by Caz) *Description on concept. COTW nom from me! 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Dylan)
I love the addition of the flag pattern to the arms. That alternate jersey would be excellent in my books, 4 years ago. I'm sure most people would love it today, but I just don't find the chest stripe design interesting anymore. 7/10

Ferris State University concepts (by Kevin)
The jerseys are decent. That boring wordmark doesn't sit well with me though. It may be the school's actual wordmark, but it needs more life before you can put it on a hockey jersey. 7/10

Dallas Stars concept (by Brandon C.)
Yes it looks like the North Stars, which is predictable. However, I really like the sublimated stars in the gold stripes. Perhaps to make it a bit different, a solid green collar could have been used? Or maybe a gold collar with more sublimated stars? 7/10

Texas Stars concepts (by Elias)
The colour choice on the stripes is cool, but I just wish a different arrangement could be found for them. Again with the Kings numbers. Try dafont.com, where you can download fonts. Then Google how to install fonts on your computer (if you don't know how). It's really easy. 6/10
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Matt Marczel said...

I love everything about Eric W's Super Series entry. I know contest entries don't qualify for COTW, but if they did, Eric W's entry would get a COTW nomination from me.

Rider said...

About the Syracuse Crunch concept using Kings numbers, I think it's an ironic fit because the Monarchs jacked the Ducks jersey too lol.

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