Monday Part 2: Week of June 11-17, 2012

If you missed Part 1, it was posted an hour or so before this, here is the link to it. It contains all of the entries that came in for the Super Series Competition.


Speaking of the competition, the Top 5 voting is now open for Committee Members to vote on. There are actually a few votes ongoing for Committee Members to vote on.

The COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. You can see the concepts by clicking on that banner of you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.

The COTY-May vote also continues. Here is a list of the ongoing votes for Committee Members to vote on.
COTY-May vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW June 4-10 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
Canada vs USA Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Colin asked me to mention his blog, ShirtOfACanuck.blogspot.ca

A lot of people have asked me to mention their blogs, which is great. What I want to do this weekend is assemble a list of everyone's blogs and put them in one post. So, if you have a blog and want it mentioned on this weekend's post, send it in. Even if you already sent in your blog info, send it again. Even if I already have mentioned your blog, send it again.


Miami of Ohio concepts (by Kevin D.)
The home and road jerseys here seem nice and classic, but I think that the alternate matches the logo the best. Again, you may have to ignore my opinion because I don't really watch NCAA hockey. 8/10

New Jersey Devils concept (by Brandon C.)
Here's a straight forward approach that the Devils could take for a 3rd jersey. A bigger issue right now though is if they can force a seventh game in the Final. I say no, Kings win it tonight. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Martin)
Martin has Edge-ified a fan jersey by Starter that looks to be from the mid-90's. I think this should have stayed in Martin's closet, only to donate it to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 40 years as an artifact. There are a couple of execution errors on the back, including the stripes, which have gone missing. Also, the collar has not been coloured vintage white. 5/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by 604)
604 has Edge-ified the sweaters from the 90's and added collar laces. The mash-up 3rd jersey actually looks pretty cool. These concepts look a bit bare though without any shoulder patches or TV numbers. 6/10

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Ian)
The home and road concepts look alright. I would change the outline of the player numbers to red on the home sweater. I'd also switch the grey and red on the white jersey. The re-coloured old Sens 3rd seems to work really well for the Jets. 7/10

Ikea concept (by Ricky)
Ricky was inspired to make this after a trip to Ikea, where he saw the employees' uniforms. I'd take this two ways. I'd thin out the stripes, as they appear on the actual polos. Or I would removes the two stripes that run under the arms. Then I think these would work well as hockey jerseys. Cool idea though. 7/10

Toronto Marlies concept (by HJC)
I made this after seeing a piece of merchandise on sale at AHLstore.com. Too bad the Marlies were swept in the Calder Cup Final by Norfolk, I had tickets to Game 5!

Kansas City Scouts concepts (by Dmitri)
I think that the 3rd jersey is near perfect! I do like the home and road, but they may be a bit too close to St. Louis to pull them off properly. Maybe regular yokes with the vertical piping may be enough of a difference? 8/10

San Jose Sharks concept (by Tex)
This would be so much better than the current black third jersey that the Sharks use. It's new, but it also reminds people of the team when they first came into the league. I think you would have to make the numbers white though, and the shoulder patches also seems a bit big. 8/10

Washington Capitals concept (by Brandon C.)
Brandon had no idea, but this one is nearly identical to Justin's Caps concept currently in the COTY-May vote. 8/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by Steven G.)
Steven has altered the hem stripe and has ditched the vertical piping. A red retro jersey has also been introduced as a 3rd. I'd go even further with the home and road sweaters by removing the white/red spots under the piping on the arms. The tweaks are agreeable though. 7/10

Michigan Wolverines concepts (by Kevin D.)
That 3rd jersey is aces! The home and road sweaters are excellent and classic too, but I would really miss the big M logo if they shrank it like this and added "ICHIGAN". I also recognize that Kevin has tried to do something different while trying to not change the very classic Michigan elements. 7/10
Monday Part 2: Week of June 11-17, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on June 11, 2012 Rating: 5


Justin said...

I love Tex's Sharks concept but it's kind of boring without a hem stripe. Also, didn't Kevins Air Force get nominated for COTW?

Ryan said...

Yes. Oops. It will be fixed shortly.

DBro Alexander said...

I really like Kevin's Miami Ohio Alternate Jersey... it may be a Monday, but COTW nom from me

Martin said...

I didn't ege-ified that jerse I only got inspired.
I didn't want to put stripes on the back...

Kyle C. said...

Brandon's Caps for COTW! I accually prefer them to Justins, I like the striping more. I think we would all be more excited about them if Justin's didn't come first.

geoff said...

I hope my comment doesnt get missed. YES YES YES. Those Scouts jerseys would be perfect if they came back to KC. I would sell a kidney to buy all 3 of them if they made the announcement tomorrow that the Scouts returned and unveiled those as their jerseys!

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