Week of May 28 to June 3, 2012

Sorry for the late post folks. Had a lot going on today, but better late than never!


Here is the last entry into the New York Islanders Relocation Competition.

Relocation entry (by Stephen T.)

HJC Voting Committee Members can now begin to vote for their Top 5 entries. Click the banner at the top of the page or go to the NYI COMP tab for all the voting details and to see all the entries. Voting ends on Sunday.


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The HJC Playoff Pool moves on. Heading into the Final, it's a duel between Caz and WinnipegJets96. Caz leads Jets96 by 3 points. Go to the PLAYOFFS tab and get your picks in before Wednesday @ 11:59pm EST.


The COTW nominees have been listed. You can see those entries by clicking the banner on the side of the page. Or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Committee Members can vote until Thursday.

Here are your voting reminders...
COTW May 21-27 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
NYI Relocation Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Bridgeport Sound Tigers concepts (by Elias)
I think the jerseys and their colours are excellent. What are your thoughts, does a farm team need to look somewhat like their parent club? Do they need to have some link, visually speaking? Or do you like a farm team that has its own identity? 8/10

Halifax Mooseheads concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 8/10

Detroit Wheels concepts (by Chuckie)
Here's another entry into Chuckie's fantasy teams. I'm not on board with the name change here. These look like Red Wings concepts and nothing else. Really not much of a "fantasy" team. I think that black jersey looks really slick though. 6/10

Chicago Express concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 has applied the now defunct team's look onto the Nike Swift template. They're decent, but I miss the arm stripes that match the hem stripes. If you kept the solid colour panel under the arms and added the stripes this really would look "Swift-ified"(?). 7/10

Chicago Wolves concepts (by Elias)
Another Chicago minor league team, but this one is for the Wolves. Elias makes a visual connection with the parent club, the Canucks. It's too bad he got rid of that classic wolf logo. If that could have been re-coloured with blue and green then these would be solid. 7/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by MasonII)
The home and road jerseys are a really great combination of the current and pre-Edge looks! No complaints with those. The alternate isn't for me though. I may have liked it better if the stripes from the hem weren't there. Home and road concepts are solid enough for a COTW nom! 8/10

Moncton Wildcats concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 8/10
Week of May 28 to June 3, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on May 28, 2012 Rating: 5


Alan John Herbert said...

Kevin's Halifax Mooseheads got my COTW nom!

winnipegjets96 said...

second the nomination for Kevin's Moosehead's concept,but the moncton one is awesome too.

Scott Markiewicz said...

I like how Elias brought the Sound Tigers to the color scheme they had about five years ago. But I like them in Islanders colors better. As to the debate about teams looking like their affiliate, it depends. If they can pull off their own look with influence from their affiliate, then they should go with their own look. If not, then might as well copy them. Oh and, GO CT WHALE!....had to throw that in there...

Scott Markiewicz said...

Also, Ryan. I believe my OKC Barons concept was nominated and seconded for COTW on the 21st.

Ryan said...

Sorry I missed that Scott. I will fix it right now.

Brian said...

Mason II for COTW

Elias R. said...

I think a black Red Wings alternate would look really good. It seems like it would suit Detroit. Especially if there was silver trim on the striping or something.

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