Week of May 21-27, 2012

The voting for the Video Game competition has ended. The winner is Dylan A. with his Pacman entry!
The full results of the vote can be seen below

Our next competition starts immediately! It's the New York Islanders Relocation Comp.
Read all of the rules and info on the NYI COMP page or by clicking the banner at the top of the page. Entry deadline is Sunday, May 27 @ 11:59pm EST.

The COTW nominees have been listed. You can see those entries by clicking on the banner on the side of the page or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. There were 9 concepts nominated last week which is great! Because there are so many nominees we are going to need as many Committee Members as possible to vote this week.
COTW May 14-20 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST) 


Washington Capitals concepts (by NB14)
NB14 has Edge-ified the old sweaters and made a blue alternate of the current sweaters. We've seen concepts like these many times before. These ones are decently executed. 6/10

Washington Capitals concept (by Mazzz)
Mazzz has used the mid-90's colours with the current jersey template. The stars all over the jersey are from the 80's. This one has also been executed well. 7/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Ian V.)
Ian has placed the new logo on the old sweater and added some silver trim by the cuffs. The black alternate is a nice concept, but I personally don't like the use of the current shoulder patches and the old logo. 7/10

New York Islanders concept (by Deferoiler)
To me, an anchor doesn't say Islanders. The colours used here certainly say Islanders. If a previously used logo was used for the shoulder patches that may help tie in the Islanders brand. There are also no TV numbers here. 5/10

Crystal Beach Seals concepts (by Chuckie)
This is another one of Chuckie's fantasy concept teams, but an updated version. The Florida Panthers looking sweaters look okay. The alternate would be good, but I don't like the goofy looking cartoon seal logo. Execution looks good. 6/10

Boston Bruins concept (by Bastian)
Bastian has Edge-ified the 1932-34 Bruins jersey, but with some minor tweaks. Those changes are the cuffs, collar, and sock stripes. Execution looks good except for the arm cut off on the right side. 7/10

Florida Panthers concepts (by Thomas L.)
These are okay and well put together. I personally would like to see some hem stripes and for the numbers and NOB on the white jersey to be red and trimmed in blue. I do like the FLA shoulder patch and hopefully the team keeps it around. 7/10

Stanley Cup Champs shirt concept (by HJC)
This is meant to go along with the hat concepts that I posted a week or so ago. I think last year proved that a simple hat and shirt can work, if done properly.

Oklahoma City Barons concepts (by Scott M.)
Hopefully, this is the next team that the Marlies take down on their way to the Calder Cup. These concepts are quite good and perfectly executed. Most would agree that the Barons can do way better than their original Oilers Edge sweaters. 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Jesper)
These concepts are done well. For some reason I'm really drawn to that blue 3rd. I would like to see the jersey stitching be re-drawn to work better with the stripes. 7/10

California Golden Seals concept (by Brian B.)
Brian has uses Ross Taylor's awesome mash-up logo and Rimouski's (QMJHL) old sweater template to create this concept. I really like all the choices made here except for the sleeve piping. The outline of the logo is also a bit grainy. 7/10

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Justin)
The Canucks bought the Millionaires brand over a year ago and we have yet to see anything from them, on the ice at least. Justin has this idea which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Millionaires winning the Stanley Cup. I really think everything is perfect here, except I would only go with the anniversary patch on the shoulder and not both logos. COTW nom from me! 9/10
Week of May 21-27, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on May 21, 2012 Rating: 5


T said...

Scott M. for COTW

Kyle C. said...

I second Scott M. for COTW! Those look great!

NB14 said...

I second Justin C for COTW

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