Week of May 14 - 20, 2012

The nominees for the COTW May 7-13 vote have been listed. Only one concept was properly nominated and seconded last week. So, by COTW rules I had to step in and choose the COTW entrants to go with the one nominated concept. You can see those concepts by clicking on the banner at the side of the page or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.

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The entry phase for the Video Game Competition has ended. Here are the absolute LAST of those entries.

Video Game Entry (by Jay V.)
Video Game Entry (by Kyle C.)
Video Game Entry (by Mateus)

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You may have already seen this, but the winner of the Sarnia Sting 3rd Jersey Competition, which was put on by the team, was Dylan.
Actually, Dylan's jersey design won and a separate logo concept was applied to it. You may remember that HJC was the first place you saw Dylan entry. In fact, he sent in a few options before deciding to send in the concept that won.

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COTW May 7-13 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
Video Game Comp Top 4 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Florida Panthers concept (by Evan L.)
Evan has added white trim to the Panthers' home jersey. I think most of us would agree that the jersey would have been better if the Panthers included a small amount of trim like this. I would like to see shoulder patches and/or TV numbers on this. There's also some execution errors on the cuffs and at the hem. 5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Stephen T.)
I like the idea of this concept, but I think it might work better if vegas gold was used instead of the gold from the 80's (I know most won't agree). I'd would have also liked to see the logo remain black. 7/10

Calgary Flames concept (by Kirk)
Without the black yoke and collar trim, I think this would be a GREAT road sweater for the Flames! Kirk has kept Iginla's name off the back because he doesn't think he'll be with the team much longer. Execution notes; the hem stripes should go over top of the hem stitching and the red on the numbers does not match the red on the jersey. 6/10

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Ian V.)
I think the 3rd jersey here is pretty solid. I get the combination of current and 3rd jersey on the home and road, it's just not for me. It would be perfectly executed, but the red in the logo does not match the red on the jerseys. This is better than what the team wears now though. 7/10

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Elias)
I like these a lot. I get that the stripes are supposed to be bars of music, but are they too close to the Pens 3rd jersey stripes? Perhaps some sublimated music notes in there would help? My only real concern is that the primary logos look a little big. 8/10

Lexington Men-O-War concept (by Jay V.)
Good luck finding any visual evidence that this team ever played a game in the ECHL! The best I could do was this jersey pic. Apparently, Mike Smith played for them though. I'm a fab of everything Jay has done with this jersey except for the shoulder patches. They seem too big and bulky, so maybe if they were smaller I would like them? 7/10

Färjestad BK Elitserien concepts (by Jesper)
Whenever I see this team I'm always reminded of 2004 when the Leafs went to Sweden and Finland to play some exhibition games. For these concepts, Jesper has taken the piping from the chest and puts it on the arms. A move which I think really cleans up the jerseys. His purple 3rd jersey is based on what the team wore in the 90's. 8/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Tex)
When I say that I would like the Avs to take their look in a new direction, something like this is what I'm talking about! Tex has done a really nice job keeping the great colours and logos, but he's also created a new look. In this new look I see a "cold and snowy" jersey. 8/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason H.)
I am tired of teams using the chest stripe, however I seem to love it on this jersey. I look at this and say, "yeah, but there's a chest stripe", yet it doesn't seem to bother me. In fact, I like it. I really love that Mason hasn't followed the "Reebok way" and he has placed them ON the arm stripe. Great vintage touch. This one gets a COTW nomination from me! 9/10

Beastie Boys tribute concepts (by Dylan A.)
*Dylan does a great job explaining in his own words what this tribute jersey is all about...

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Justin)
A green Canucks alt! A lot of people want to see this happen. Justin has included some of his own bullet points, but before that I'll say that this is awesome, except I think that the shoulder patches are too big. 8/10
Week of May 14 - 20, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on May 14, 2012 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

I feel as if I have failed the Boys... Despite sending in a "corrected" copy of my Beastie concept, that "fixed all presentation errors, there were still some errors I noticed after seeing it up. some of the TV numbers on the arms are missing, because on my illustrator document they were locked and didn't transfer to photoshop... let this be a lesson... always...check...your...documents...

Elias R. said...

That Flyers concept by Mason is incredible!! COTW nom from me!
Also congrats on the Sarnia competition Dylan!

Anonymous said...

I really like the blue/white Avs jersey. Verry cool.

Anonymous said...

The blue/white Avs jersey is very cool. I would buy one if I could.
A cold snowy feel, like the name, and possibly a homage to the Quebec Nordiqes while remaining unique and something all it's own.

DBro Alexander said...

Thanks Elias!

Tommy Gentile said...

I have wanted a Canucks jersey for so long, and this would be the one I would buy. It just looks old while still current and not going all out retro. The pants even look good even tho the V-pants should not look good with that style jersey, but it just works with Vancouver. COTW

There was just too many great jerseys in this post. Tex's Colorado jersey is a great upgrade and would love to see an away later on. The only thing is I am not 100% sold on the numbers. They look real good, but I feel like their could be a better option. Also onother option is to see if that grey in the alt-logo would look on other parts of the jersey. a COTW in the making

Matt Marczel said...

I love Justin's Canucks concept, it would be the perfect Canucks alternate jersey, and this is coming from a die hard Canucks fan. COTW nomination from me. Actually, I've created a very similar concept to Justin's quite someitme ago that I haven't yet submitted to anybody.

Alan John Herbert said...

Tex's Avs concept for COTW.

Justin said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Tommy and Matt. I'm glad you guys like it!

Also, a big congratulations to Dylan on winning the Sarnia Sting contest! Even though I was a finalist, yours was my favorite from the beginning. It's so clean and very creative. I love the shoulder stripes! Although they're adding a different logo on it, it still looks great! I look forward to seeing how the actual jersey comes out!

DBro Alexander said...

Thanks Justin. honestly, yours was the only jersey I would have been cool with losing to. I really liked yours. I couldn't believe for the longest time that number 8 was even in the running with us.

Justin said...

Agreed! I couldn't even believe it was a finalist. There were a lot of good ones posted on here that should have been chosen over that entry.

cody said...

Tex is seconded by me! I love the Avs jersey!

Tex said...

I used the blue to be a subtle hint at the Nordiques, nice to see the positive reception. I'll get to work on an away jersey.

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