Wednesday: No Theme to These Concepts

For those of you who weren't around last year, I continue to post every weekday during the off-season. Same format as during the season, but there are a few less people contributing concepts so less concepts get posted. However, contests continue to happen as does COTW and all the other good stuff.

I especially look forward to the return of the HJC Open Tournament this summer. That's where 8 or 16 concept artist face-off in a bracket style tournament. COTW wins determine seeding and the higher seeds get an advantage. I'll post all of that information when the time comes.

Also last year during Game 1 of the Final I did a Live Blog. I was thinking of doing the same this year, but there's also another option. We could have a Live Chat during the game. Leave your comments at the bottom of the post and let me know what your preference is.

Committee Members:
COTW May 7-13 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
Video Game Comp Top4 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Colorado Avalanche concept (by August)
I like the combination of Avs and Rockies except for the two different reds used (jersey & arm stripes). I also like the logo that August has created. I think the lines could be thicker because if you look at most logos the strokes are rather thick. Also, if you use the temps on the TEMPLATES page, you'll get a less grainy jersey. 7/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Jeremy T.)
Jeremy went back and refined his first ever contribution to HJC. I'm not a fan of the chest stripe, but I'm sure there would be a lot of Avs fans who would like it. There are some issues with parts of the blue stripes coming outside of the template lines. Fix that, and this is a winner. 6/10

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Kirk)
I like the colour choices and the greater use of red. Even though all that red is used this still looks like a blue Nordiques team. This may be personal preference, but I'd like to see a more sports type font used on the back for the numbers and NOB. 7/10

Ferris State University concept (by Alex J.)
Alex has changed the shade of red and added some black trim to Ferris State's current white jersey. I think I prefer the current jersey, but this concept looks good too. I like that Alex put the college hockey patch on the front of the jersey. The biggest issue is with the TV numbers on the back, as they are backwards. The university needs to get a new logo, this one looks like clipart. 7/10

Texas Stars concepts (by NB14)
This is a perfect jersey set. It's perfect for either the Texas Stars or the big club in Dallas! I really like the 3rd jersey, I think it's my fav of the 3. This is NB14's best work yet. 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Dave C.)
Dave has created a 20th season patch for the Bolts. If it was 20 years, they would have celebrated last year with the Sens. The jersey is quite good, but I think I would switch the primary and shoulder logos. Seeing these "paintbrush" numbers make me think the Lightning should bring them back. 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Thomas L.)
Both of these are excellent. The only minor thing I would like to see is a silver stripe on the blue jersey between the black and white. These are well executed and they would look great! 8/10

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Bobby P.)
Bobby has Edge-ified and made some small alterations to the pre-Edge jerseys. I like the jerseys, but I'd also like to see the shoulder patches return and a thicker yoke outline. Also, the purple in the logo does not match the purple on the jersey. 7/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Spirit104)
How many people like this concept with the wordmark? And how many, like myself, would prefer this with a logo? Everything else is really good and sharply executed. The Kings are one of those teams that are perfect for a grey jersey. 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Tyler G.)
Tyler has copied the hem stripe design and applied it to the arms. Nice move, it makes the jersey look "complete". I think a black helmet and/or pants would also look good with this jersey, if it was a 3rd. 8/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Torin)
Almost everything about the home and road concepts are awesome. The sleeve stripes and the sublimated print on the arms is great. The kicker is the numbers, which are too obviously Patriots' numbers. The 3rd jersey is a nice addition, I like it. I'd just prefer white numbers trimmed with red. COTW nom from me! 8/10

St. Louis Blues concept (by Darren H.)
This jersey isn't my cup of tea, but it has potential. I do have to point out a few errors though. Such as the vertical stitching, which randomly stops near the bottom of the jersey. Also, the shoulder patch on the back-left arm is backwards. Finally, careful of your helmet image as it is overlapping the jersey. Some of these may not seem important, but details and a good execution can REALLY help a concept. 6/10
Wednesday: No Theme to These Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on May 16, 2012 Rating: 5


T said...

Tyler G. for COTW

P.S.- actually, the numbers that I got were the old edmonton alternate numbers, but I guess it does look like patriots numbers.

Justin said...

Spirit104 for COTW! I actually love that word mark.

Alan John Herbert said...

Alright the HJC Open Tournament! I have been waiting for this for a long time, I'm sooooo ready for this!

Torin got my COTW nom!

Justin said...

What exactly is the HJC Open tournament?

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