Wednesday: Game 1 Tonight!

Game 1 of the Cup Final goes tonight in New Jersey. I did this last year and thought it was pretty cool, so here is an image of what Game 1 would have looked like as it does this year in 2012, 2002, 1992, and 1982.
Which one do you think looks best? I'm kind of leaning towards this year with '92 as a runner-up.


A reminder that picks for the HJC Playoff Pool need to be posted by 11:59pm EST tonight to count. Even if you didn't get in on the first three rounds leave your pick and show everyone how smart you are. Just go to the PLAYOFFS tab and leave a comment at the bottom.


The amount of votes coming in for both the NYI Comp and the COTW have been really great. Keep it up Committee Members.
COTW May 21-27 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
NYI Relocation Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Rimouski Oceanic concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 8/10

Grand Rapids Griffins concepts (by Elias)
These are really cool. I think one of these would be a great alternate to their current sweaters. 8/10

Minnesota Wild concept (by Deferoiler)
The idea of the jersey is good. There are some execution errors such as the lack of TV numbers. Also, the logo looks like it's been skewed and stretched to the point that you can't tell that it's supposed to be trees as the negative space inside the M. 6/10

Toronto Marlies concepts (by Shaun)
Shaun has put the Marlies in the current Leafs jerseys. I really like the alternate jersey he's come up with. I think that would be perfect for the Marlies considering the Leafs' current 3rd. I also appreciate that Shaun took the time to apply the accurate AHL marks to the jerseys. 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Tyler)
Everything is going really well on this jersey except for the yoke stripes, in my opinion. They make the jersey seem too busy. Without them, this would be quite a good concept. 7/10

Princeton Tigers concepts (by Brady)
I like the idea of the tiger stripes on this jersey. However I personally would use them either on just the arms or just the logo and numbers. Cool idea though. 7/10

Houston Aeros concepts (by Elias)
I get that the colours are supposed to match the Wild's (parent club). However, they look more like an 80's Devils farm team. Execution looks really good though. Perhaps wheat instead of white would help make a better connection between the two teams. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concept (by Stephen T.)
Oh geez, that's a lot of laurel leaves. I think it might be better if they stopped at the red arm stripe, or at least the one above. I also think that the black numbers would barely be legible from the stands. Execution is farily good. 6/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Jesper)
These are near perfect. Perhaps more red and less black on the road jersey would be good? The design is what I think people want to see from the Sens. 8/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Matt M.)
Again, we have another near perfect Sens concept! The design is excellent and I like how Matt has used the current number font. I prefer the shade of gold from the previous concept, but I also prefer the primary logo that Matt has used. COTW nom from me. 9/10

Columbus Generals concepts (by Avi)
Avi wants to give the Columbus franchise a complete overhaul. I really like the colours he's chosen and the design of the jerseys is just my style. I get that the logo is supposed to take hints from the Ohio state flag, but the circle in the middle didn't NEED to be red. I think it still could have worked being gold, blue or white. 8/10

Rouyn-Noranda Huskies concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 7/10
Wednesday: Game 1 Tonight! Reviewed by Ryan on May 30, 2012 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

Avi for COTW

Btw, why did NHLuniforms.com make the devils current socks a different red from the rest of it?

Ryan said...

Yeah, it looks like it.

MMcG said...

Matt M. did a fantastic job on those Sens uniforms. Really well executed!

NB14 said...

Matt M seconded for COTW

Nevill said...

As a lifelong Sens fan (and Ottawa native), I would never want to see gold/laurel leaves on the jersey itself as they tried it in 2002 and it simply didn't work - making the team appear like a cartoon franchise. Many of the Sens fans I have spoken to prefer their expansion era 1992 jerseys as the ideal uniform set for the team. No more goofy 3D logo or Reebok cookie cutter designs and I think the Senators could become an iconic branding of a franchise.

DCamp said...

I agree with Nevill. I would not want to see laurels on the jersey. Although Matt's concept is well done, I would not want the Sens wearing those. I think Steven G's concept (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-PpYNoMiqK4A/T7U7vqj-xrI/AAAAAAAAMkU/VCjauwzEHz4/s1600/StevenGrant-OTTset.png) was much better

T said...

Second Avi for COTW

Tommy Gentile said...

Kevin's Rouyn-Noranda Huskies concepts:
I have always loved yours but sorry to say the home and away are downgrades. The fade is so fast. I imagine from far away, it will just look like a 2tone jersey. If the original fade was kept and u had all your adjustments added, it would be great. The alt is super solid though.

Kevin said...

@Tommy Im not well rounded with the use of gradients with paint.net and thats a huge grey area for me, Im a ran of Rouyn-Noranda's current jerseys but I wanted to get rid of the piping and keep make the fade run through the entire jersey somehow, glad you like the Alternate though!

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