Wednesday: Concepts, a Collection, & Etries

Here are some entries that have come in for the Video Game Competition.

Video Game entry (by Caz)
Video Game entry (by Keens)
Video Game entry (by NB14)

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Jersey Collection (Keens)
The old Ducks jersey is cool, a great addition to any collection. Both of the Team Canada jerseys are also good. I still want that "blood red" alternate for my collection. Not an issue, but I do like to try to find the Chinese knockoffs. I think they are the home Hawks jersey and the retro Pens sweater. Thanks for sending this Keens, and if you have a jersey collection you too can send it in for posting.

New York Rangers concept (by Evan)
Problems with the fill, as has been mentioned previously. Also, spots by the collar laces have not been changed to the darker blue to match the rest of the sweater. 4/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Elias)
I'm not a fan, even though these are well executed. I'm in the camp that thinks the BLUE Jackets shouldn't wear red. I also think that the flag pattern on the side hems make these look like pajamas. 6/10

Abbostford Heat concept (by Kirk)
I like the idea of the Flames' farm club wearing the old Atlanta A as their primary logo. Some execution errors though, such as the TV numbers being backwards on the front-right and back-left sleeves. Also, two shades of black have been used, one of the jersey and one on the player numbers. Side note, I'm looking forward to the Marlies eliminating these guys tonight! 5/10

Merrimack College Warriors concept (by Spirit104)
Check out one of Merrimack's current yellow jerseys here. I like Spirit's take better, but I also think that this striping pattern would look so much better if it used the Edge cut jersey. Execution is tremendous, as expected with Spirit's work. 7/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Kyle C.)
Kyle, and other Bolts fans, want to see more black on their unis. I think this would be the best way to go. Is this enough black for you? I think the black logo outline works great on the blue jersey, but not so great on the white one. I also miss the victory stripes under the arms. Still, this is some solid work. 8/10

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Elias)
Oh no! The only thing Elias did was send the classic logo to the chop chop. Not a fan, please try again. Nicely executed though. 6/10

Gävle GIK concepts (by Jesper)
This is the club Jesper played for while growing up. From a quick Google search it looks like they wear 1990's blue Rangers sweater, so these are an upgrade in uniqueness. This concept could be a touch better if the red used on the jerseys was the same as the darker shade used in the logo. I guess the same could be said for the blue too. 7/10

New York Rangers concept (by Jose)
Here are the Rangers using the Nike Swift jersey cut. Nearly an exact transfer, except for the arm stripes. A cool thing that Jose did change was adding a sublimated pattern inside the player numbers. 7/10

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Steven G.)
By now you have probably already seen these on Icethetics, CCSLC, or Steven's own blog. He has done a really great job combining all the eras into the home and road sweaters. While I don't want to see the Kings in different jerseys, these would be great if they wore them. My only small change for personal preference, would be to use the 90's wordmark as the logo on the helmets. Anyways, COTW nomination from me! 9/10
Wednesday: Concepts, a Collection, & Etries Reviewed by Ryan on May 09, 2012 Rating: 5


Elias R. said...

Oops! I didn't mean to send that Detroit concept in, sorry. It was only meant for my site...

Anonymous said...

Love those LA Kings jerseys, they would look sweet on the ice and give them a good overall look.

Chuckie said...

Kyle, add the victory stripes to those lightning, add a black alt, and you have the perfect Tampa set.

Jesper W said...

Gävle GIK wears rangers road jersey as home jersey.

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