Tuesday: They Have Arrived!

There are a lot of concepts nominated for the May 14-20 COTW vote. As such, we need as many Committee Members to vote on this one as possible to avoid a tie at 1 or 2 each.
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New York Islanders Relocation Entries

Relocation Entry (by Caz)
Relocation Entry (by Tyler G.)


They're in! The HJC jerseys have arrived!
To those of you who ordered a jersey...all one of you, they will be shipped out to you tomorrow. If this changes your mind and you want to order a HJC, send me an email and we'll get that process started.

For anyone close to the Air Canada Centre, the Leafs are having their semi-annual Equipment Sale on Saturday. If you click the ad to the left you'll read that game used and pro return sticks, gloves, skates and JERSEYS will be available.


Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Chuckie)
The idea of the home and road jerseys is really great except that these look more like waves rather than a mountain range. The black and the striping pattern on the alternate just don't work for me. 6/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by HJC)
I was thinking of this jersey as an "ice pick" jersey. I tried to make it look cold, dark, sharp, and dangerous. I also tried to blend in a classic style.

Lake Erie Monsters concepts (by Elias)
The farm club of the Avalanche kick-off Elias' AHL rebrands. I do like how simple these are. However I personally would like to see some black trim on the white jersey and white trim on the black jersey. 7/10

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Kirk)
A wordmark with chest stripes hasn't been attempted too often, but I think this one might have the potential to pull it off. I would raise those chest stripes so that the script was centred between them with a little overlap outside of the stripes. The stripes should also go over top of the jersey stitching. 6/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by Thomas L.)
To me these are a downgrade from what they currently wear. They look more like the practice jersey version of the current set. I also personally miss the "weagle" on the shoulders. 6/10

Hershey Bears concepts (by Elias)
This is the farm club to those Caps from the previous concept. The jerseys are decent and the look works with the long tradition of the Hershey Bears. I would prefer a logo to the arched script, but it still works. 7/10

Team Sweden concept (by Dave C.)
Adding the blue shoulder spots for the TV numbers seems like a logical Nike move. I don't know how Swedish hockey fans would react to a sweater change after going with relatively the same sweater for the past 15 years or more. 7/10

Team Sweden concepts (by Scott M.)
Scott has traded in the double hem stripes for just a solid coloured hem. He's also added white trim to the Tre kronor, a move that I like. I could accept these as Team Sweden's jerseys, if they switched to Reebok full-time. 7/10

Minnesota Wild concept (by D3troit1388)
D3troit shows us that this is a Winter Classic concept inspired by an old jersey from the late 40's. I think it looks great and fits the feel of the Classic perfectly! COTW nom from me. 8/10

Växjö Lakers Elitserien concepts (by Jesper)
This team currently uses the design of the original Islanders Edge jerseys. I never had a problem with those jerseys, but Jesper has done a really nice job with this change. My favourite part of Jesper's concepts are his attention to details in getting all the ads on the jerseys. They really look great! 8/10

Acadie-Bathurst Titan concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts
This is the third and final leg of Kevin's CHL re-design. He's already done the WHL and OHL and now it's time for the QMJHL. I applaud him as most people say they are going to do these complete rebrands and they don't even make it 50% of the way through.

Tuesday: They Have Arrived! Reviewed by Ryan on May 22, 2012 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

Ryan... I really like your Avs jersey...I like the white piping on the arm. Really unique... COTW nominee from me...

Alan John Herbert said...

Jesper for COTW.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the HJC jerseys made at? They look like they did a nice job.

Ryan said...


Tex said...

I second the Avs COTW nom. The jerseys look great, I wish I could afford one.

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