Tuesday: Templates, AHL, & Avs

I have drawn a new Reebok Authentic Jersey template (formerly the Reebok Gamewear template). It is now compatible with all the collars from the NHLuniforms.com template.

Classic stitch

Curved arms stitch

Sleeve stitch

If you want these, download them now because only the curved arms variation will be made available on the TEMPLATES page.

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Jersey Collection (Ian S.)
I really like Ian's jersey collection because of all the different teams sweaters that he has. I'm not opposed to people that have fake jerseys, I just like to think I can pick them out of a jersey line-up. I am certain there are at least 6 (Bourque, Nash, Smith, Gretz STL, Thornton, Phaneuf), but there could be as many as 11. The one's that I am not certain about are the 99 Oilers, Whalers, Kings, and the two Habs Vintage jerseys. Ian, can you shed some light on this?

Toronto Marlies concepts (by Evan L.)
Evan has put the Marlies in sweaters to match the big club. I like the idea of the AHL players having to "earn" those hem stripes, but this wouldn't be a bad thing. I really like the idea of that 3rd jersey, but just make sure that the blue on the jersey matches the blue used on the logo. Also, try to remove NHL marks when you make other league's jerseys. 6/10

Albany Devils concepts (by NB14)
I like the road sweater based on the retro unis of the big club. I'm not really a fan of the arrangement of the colours on the white jersey though. Also, it's great that the AHL tags have been placed on the concept, but the next step would be to properly colour the Reebok tags. Taking care of those small details can really bump up a concept.7/10

Manchester Monarchs concepts (by Brady)
Brady made several adjustments to a concept that was posted a couple of weeks ago. The home and road sweater really look cool now! The other two jerseys are to recognize the two largest groups of settlers in Manchester. 8/10

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Ian V.)
Would a blue and yellow version of the "goat head" era have been better received than the Buffa-slug? This is similar to what it probably would have looked like. I think I prefer the slug...which I didn't hate. I think the 3rd that Ian has here is a nice compliment to the set. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tex)
Tex had the black version of this jersey posted a few weeks ago. This white one looks just as good and the execution matches the quality. 8/10

Boston Bruins concept (by Bobby P.)
This isn't as good as his COTW winning Bruins jersey from last week, but it's still a very good fauxback. I like how Bobby has done something a touch different with the yokes and I also really like that he left off the white, both true and vintage. 8/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Tyler G.)
Tyler has Edge-ified the old Avs jersey...somewhat. He has chosen to go with the standard Reebok sleeves instead of the "mountain" pattern, which he returns to the hem. I could see this being a good compromise between fans of the old jersey and Reebok. 8/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by HJC)
With this concept I was trying to get across a look of those cold, dark, dirty, snowy days in the dead of winter. I lightened the blue and changed the red a bit.

Washington Capitals concept (by Mason H.)
Nice jersey that has been very well executed. If I got my hands on it I would get rid of the shoulder yoke outline and make the sweater blue. Very nicely done here though, especially with the retro stars on the chest and sleeves. 8/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by Matt M.)
These remind me of the jerseys of the 80's, but with a Reebok Edge twist. And that's not a bad thing here. It seems like Matt has "properly" utilized this stitching pattern, which I haven't seen done by Reebok themselves! As always, I find Matt's execution to be perfect. COTW nom from me! 9/10
Tuesday: Templates, AHL, & Avs Reviewed by Ryan on May 15, 2012 Rating: 5


Colin said...

second matt's caps concept. AWESOME.

Keens said...

Ryan, I noticed a small possible error. I could be wrong but, in your templates is the sublimated pattern suppose to overlap the sleeve stitch (on sleeve stitch template) or was that a tiny error from carrying it over from the classic stitch?

Ryan said...

You're right. That is an error, I will fix it soon.

Ryan said...


It was because I have all of those in one image in a bunch of layers. I forgot to trim the knit pattern, but that doesn't matter because it is fixed now.

Justin said...

Ryans Avs for COTW! Living in Colorado and being a diehard Avs fan I would love to see these. The lighter blue looks awesome and really gives the team a good, cool look. This could even make a good "fauxback" style jersey. Great work!

T said...

Tex's blackhawks for COTW

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