Tuesday: Nike Swift Template

I got a couple of entries in for the Video Game Competition, but I'll wait until tomorrow to post them. Maybe a couple more might come in. I have noticed early on that people aren't reading the rules carefully. I strongly suggest that you go through the rules like a checklist before you send your entry in.

As I promised yesterday, here are the full results from the Portland Pirates ReDesign

I have made a new Nike Swift template, which will be on the TEMPLATES page from now on.
Nike Swift is the cut of jersey used by every IIHF member, except Sweden. A lot of NCAA teams also use it. The template provided is a better representation of how Nike shows their mock-ups, in my opinion. Example, see Germany jersey below.
Both Swift templates use the same collars and both will be on the TEMPLATES page.

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New Jersey Devils concept (by Evan)
Something is wrong with Evan's fill and the logo looks grainy. Needs improvement. 3/10

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Elias)
Elias brings back the alternate jersey from the early 2000's and provides a matching white sweater. This is sort of an Edge-ification, but Elias has used a straight hem. I like these better with the "MD" shoulder patches. Decent execution though. 7/10

Milwaukee Admirals concepts (by Stephen T.)
I think the presentation is poor here. The logos and equipment don't need to take up 75% of the image, the jerseys should though. I'm also not a fan of the recoloured logo and I don't think these shades of black and blue work well together. They bleed into one another and make it hard to decipher between the two. 4/10

Seattle HC concepts (by Kalin)
Would North American hockey fans be okay with a team not having a name and just calling themselves "HC"? It may work in Seattle as the soccer team there has a very strong following. I really like Kalin's blue jersey, but the big green collar on the white one looks bad, in my opinion. The lighter blue would have been better. 7/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by Ian V.)
The "weagle" on the 90's jerseys in blue and red actually looks pretty good. Not better than what they have now, but still quite good. I think the logo on the red jersey could use a white outline though. We've also seen that blue Caps jersey about 57 times before from other people. Good execution. 7/10

New Jersey Devils concepts (by Matt D.)
Matt has rounded out the Devils' yokes, made the collar solid black, and promoted the retro jersey to full-time 3rd. I'm not a fan of any of those choices, but the execution is good enough to not make me hate these. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concepts (by Elias)
Either of these would be cool to see outdoors on the backs of the Blackhawks. Elias is usually pretty good with his execution, but on this one he forgot to colour the back of the yoke white, on the black jersey. 6/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Jose)
Last week we got the first of Jose's NHL Nike switch. Today, we get a look at what Chicago might look like. All interesting choices, including the collar, but I could see all of them happening. That is if Nike took over the NHL jerseys. Check out the shiny gradient numbers. 8/10

Stanley Cup Champs hat concepts (by HJC)
I like to do something like this every year. This is the first championship hat concepts I've done though. After sitting on these for several days, I prefer the one on the right, but I should have used the lighter "2012" from the hat on the left.

Team Sweden concepts (by Jesper)
Sweden's jerseys are so great now that it's hard to picture them switching any time soon. However, these do look great and are worthy of being worn by the Swedish players. They remind me of a cleaner and better version of some of the jerseys they wore to Canada Cups in the 1980's. 8/10

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Avi)
I really like the numbers and the pants stripe with the jet. I think the collar should be grey and white instead of grey and blue. Presentation is really good as well. It actually helps a rather simple jersey look better here. 8/10
Tuesday: Nike Swift Template Reviewed by Ryan on May 08, 2012 Rating: 5


Tex said...

I would not be happy if the NHL switched to it, Reebok is finally getting the hang of doing the jerseys. Nothing against the concepts, dont get me wrong, i just dont want to see it used for the NHL. Avi's jets for COTW also.

Anonymous said...

Sweden also wear Nike Swift in big tournaments like the olympics etc. In friendly games the wear Reebok Edge.

Joni said...

Sweden uses the Swift template, they are wearing Reebok's versions for practice tournaments..

Anonymous said...

Sweden also wear Nike Swift in big tournaments like the olympics etc. In friendly games the wear Reebok.

Caz said...

The hats look great, Ryan. If only the Preds one could be real...

Ryan said...

Did the Swedes not wear Reebok at this past WorldJuniors? What are they wearing now at the World Championships?

Joni said...

I believe Nike has a contract with almost every top 20 national team, which covers every IIHF tournaments.

Elias R. said...

Jose's Blackhawks jersey for COTW.
I agree with Tex, I want the NHL to stay with Reebok.

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