Thursday: Minnesota, Dallas, and More

Thanks for all the feedback these past few days regarding the next competition. It looks like we will be doing the video game inspired jerseys comp. For those of you who like the Islanders relocation idea, don't worry because we will be doing that one after the video game one. You can get ahead now if you want, but I won't be accepting entries until Monday. Also, rules still need to be established and posted.

Voting Committee Members...
COTW Apr 23-29 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
Pirates ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)

Tomorrow, the April COTW vote will begin!


Emerald City Wizards of Seattle concept (by Kirk)
I like the stripes and colours used. However, it is clear that the base of this is someone else's concept because the white of the jersey is going all over. It has bled all over the stitching of the jersey. Check out the TEMPLATES page for all of the team's blank jerseys. 3/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Elias)
The execution here seems nearly flawless, but I'm not a fan of the Stars using more black than green. In my opinion, a simple switch of the black and the green would really make these killer concepts. 6/10

Dallas Stars concept (by Tyler G.)
Again I'm not a fan, but I could be with some simple adjustments. I'd like to see more green, less black, and I'd get rid of the white on the sides. Tyler has placed 7 stars on each sleeve to represent the team's division wins. I would place those stars on the sides where the white is and I would use a sublimated pattern. 7/10

Boston Bruins concept (by Spirit104)
Spirit has Edge-ified the 1974-95 white jersey. He's also added laces and has used a re-coloured version of the current logo. I think the old bear shoulder patch would really complete this jersey. 7/10

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Elias)
To me, the green jerseys looks really good, but then I look at the white jersey and it looks like a Christmas themed sweater. Maybe some space between the green and the red, plus some white between those colours, would help move it away from the holiday? 7/10

Minnesota Wild concept (by MasonII)
I like this one better, probably because of the wheat used between the green and red on the arms. Perhaps the current font from the home sweater would help make this look more "Wild"? Yet, there's not much to critique here. 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Kyle C.)
These are definitely better than what they used coming out of the Edge transition. They don't blow me away though. I wouldn't say I'm intrigued at the thought of the Bolts wearing these on the ice. Very nice execution though. 7/10

New Britain Golden Hurricanes concepts (by Scott M.)
These are definitely suited for a high school team, which the Golden Hurricanes are (Connecticut). I love the presentation and the execution, but the jerseys seem put together more like basketball uniforms than hockey sweaters. The colours are good though and any hockey pants striped like these ones are okay by me! I'm not a fan of the jerseys, but I add one extra point for the effort/presentation. 8/10

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by Thomas L.)
I really like the changes to the white jersey, I could even accept it if the Habs were to actually change to it. The red jersey is pretty cool too. The striping is different from the usual Habs' jerseys, but you can still tell that they are in the mold of the Canadiens. 8/10

Florida Panthers concepts (by Steven G.)
The adjustments made to the home and road sweaters are perfect. It's what the team should have done in the first place. The alternate sweater is good too and does a nice job completing this solid Panthers set. 8/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Scott D.)
The Sens need to be wearing that red jersey, and as soon as possible! As for the road white, I think I'd like to see the black and red switch places. I definitely want to see the red be more prominent than the black. Finally for my tastes, the hem stripes are too high. I think there should be some space between them and the logo. Still, very nicely done and a COTW nom from me! 8/10
Thursday: Minnesota, Dallas, and More Reviewed by Ryan on May 03, 2012 Rating: 5


Kris said...

My god, Tyler's Stars jersey is awesome. COTW nom from me.

NB14 said...

I second Scott D. for COTW. Being a massive Sens fan, I (one of many) think that they need a complete uniform overhaul. These would fit them pretty well.

cody said...

Just letting Scot know i made a similar jersey that going up soon. but Scott D for COTW!

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