Thursday: Kings, Canucks & Sens

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Video Game Entry (by Bastian)


Vancouver Canucks concept (by Evan L.)
Poor execution and a re-coloured Panthers 3rd jersey doesn't work for me. Take the time to colour in EVERY pixel around the collar and laces. If you put in that effort then readers will respect your work more and your work will get better. 3/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Elias)
I think I like the white jersey more than the green one. I've also been enjoying Elias' concept recently, but I think that using some different styles of numbers would take the concepts up a notch. I also usually am in favour of a permanent chest patch, but Johnny Canuck doesn't seem to work here. 7/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Deferoiler)
The only thing I really like here are the arm stripes and the logo. The stripes give the concept some potential, but the other elements really hold this back. Those socks are really crazy and don't make sense to me. The helmet logo has been skewed and mangled and the Preds numbers are just that...Preds' numbers. 5/10

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Ian V.)
I really like what Ian has done with the home and road sweaters especially with the hem stripe alterations. For the 3rd jersey, I think it would be better if the crown logo that contains purple was used as opposed to the black and white one. Execution looks pretty solid. 8/10

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Elias)
I like where these could go...with a few adjustments. I would get rid of the cuffs and extend the sleeve stripes all the way to the end. I'd also use the current Kings font for the numbers and NOB. 7/10

San Jose Sharks concept (by Tyler G.)
While this tries to be based on the pre-Edge jerseys, to me it looks like a Flyers re-coloured sweater. I think if the sleeves stripes came down further on both sides of the jersey that would help. I also think that if the hem stripe curved with the hem, instead of going straight across, that would help also. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concept (by Jose)
I'm not a fan of this one and I think I'd even prefer their current sweaters to this. Something to note though, solid execution and a good presentation really help this concept. I almost feel bad saying that I don't like it. Execution and presentation get it an extra point. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Keens)
Keens wants the entire Sens jersey set to be based on the new 3rd jersey, minus the vintage white. Can you blame him? These do look pretty good and they blow the current jerseys out of the water. COTW nom from me! 8/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Dave C.)
Dave has the same idea! However it looks like Dave's jerseys keep the vintage white and use the "O" logo as the primary on both. Dave's Alfredsson patch is perfect, but personally I wouldn't outline the number. I wouldn't be shocked at all to see the Sens honour Alfie (if he retires) with something that looks very similar to this patch. 8/10

Calgary Flames concept (by Todd O.)
Todd calls this a "graphite" jersey, which obviously fits nicely. I really like it because it looks like a burnt Flames jersey. The execution is excellent and I like the new rounder numbers that he has used. 9/10

What did you guys think of the concepts today? Feel free to leave your own ratings out of ten. Whose did you like, why? Whose didn't you like, why?
Thursday: Kings, Canucks & Sens Reviewed by Ryan on May 10, 2012 Rating: 5


NB14 said...

I second Keens for COTW. 9/10

DCamp said...

I'd like to see Keens' red and white jerseys with the unused profile logo. I also think that the bilingual shoulder patch makes the Sens unique in the league and therefore should be on all jerseys. 9/10

DCamp said...

That Graphite Flames jersey is awesome! it could only work for the Flames. 8/10
It would be interesting to see a wacky series of these jerseys: wind blown Canes jersey...(logo and colours swepted aside), Predators jersey ripped to shreds, Lightning jersey glowing with electricity, etc.

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