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Today is the last day for Committee Members to get their COTW vote in. You still have until Sunday to get your Relocation Top 5 votes in.
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Sherbrooke Phoenix concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concept. 7/10

Hamilton Bulldogs concepts (by Elias)
Elias brings back the blue version of the Habs jersey, but he's made it a full-time sweater. They're definitely better than the current sweaters and they do a nicer job linking the team to the Canadiens. I personally, would like to see some unique Bulldogs marks. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concept (by Deferoiler)
The jersey idea is decent, but I think white numbers instead of gold would be better. I'm not digging the completely red socks, the arm stripe pattern would be good on a black sock. The shoulder patches on the back of the jersey are also upside-down. 5/10

Freed Hardeman University concepts (by Caz)
From a quick Google image search, it looks like this school doesn't have a hockey team. So, these would be great "introductory" sweaters! They look great and are executed very nicely. I like the NOB font, which looks like a traditional block font, but adds a touch of character. 8/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by 604)
Another idea of what the Canucks could do with the Vancouver Millionaires brand is to combine it with their own for a new look specialty sweater. These look really good, but I'm not a fan of the coloured namebar. It just seems too trendy right now. 8/10

Shawinigan Cataractes concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concept. 7/10

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Elias)
I really, really like these. I think they're nearly perfect. To me, the only missing element is the Jets logo as shoulder patches. I like that Elias gave them a styled collar, but didn't use laces. 8/10

New York Rangers concepts (by Brady)
Brady created his own Rangers logo and included his sketch, which was cool! The jerseys that accompany the logo are excellent as well. 9/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Steven G.)
Looking at these makes me think that Dallas doesn't need third and fourth colours. Green and white really looks quite good. Even the logo looks better in two colours. I really hope that Dallas can simplify things, like this, if they ever decide to change their sweaters. 9/10

Indianapolis Racers concepts (by Matt M.)
Matt wanted to submit his WHA ReDesign entry, from a few months ago, (I think it won, did it not?) so that it can be eligible for a nomination. The colours work great together and placing the logo inside of a circle is a nice simple update. My small problem would be with the jersey stripes not going over top of the stitching, but I'm fairly certain that I am the only one who that bothers. Anyways, this is really solid and I'll give Matt his COTW nomination! 8/10
Thursday Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on May 31, 2012 Rating: 5


Elias R. said...

Steven G. for COTW! I love how you simplified it. The arm stripes are kind of like the North Stars old jerseys too.

Alan John Herbert said...

Kevin's Shawinigan Cataractes concepts got COTW nom from me.

Caz said...

I'll second Steven G. for COTW. I love the simplification, and connection to the North Stars. A team called the "Stars" should not wear black.

Hockey Fan said...

Really like the Dallas jerseys, they would look so much better than what they have now.

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