Friday: Winners, AHL, Predators, & More

The winner of the April 30 to May 6 COTW is Bobby P. with his Boston Bruins concepts! You can see Bobby's winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Also, the winner of April's COTW vote is Ryan (me) with his New York Rangers concept. You can see that winning concept on the COTY 2012 page. The results of the votes are below.

COTW Apr 30 - May 6
Bobby P. - 2
Brady - 1
Justin - 1
MasonII - 1
Scott D. - 1

Ryan(HJC) - 4
Steven G. - 2
MasonII - 1
Tex - 1

A couple of HJC readers have started their own blogs...
You can check out Ricky's blog, rmconcepts.blogspot.com.
You can also check out Kirk's blog, hockeyjerseyville.blogspot.com.
Got a blog that you want people to know about? Drop me a line and I'll try and mention it in a future post. I don't block comments where people pump their own blogs, but it is a little bit of a greasy move. You want a plug? E-mail me.

I was doing some fun research today regarding playoff ticket prices. IF the Rangers defeat Washington and move on, Game 1 in MSG versus New Jersey will have a top ticket price of $560 and a low of $150. For Game 1 of the West final in Phoenix, Top ticket price is $405, right along the glass. The next highest is $187 and the lowest being $60. For Game 3 in L.A., up against the glass will cost you $1010 a seat, with the next highest ticket costing you $710. The lowest ticket price in L.A. is $165. I cringe at the thought of ticket prices for a NY/LA Final!


Video Game Competition Entries

Video Game Entry (by Brian B.)
Video Game Entry (by Dylan A.)
Video Game Entry (by Ricky)


Nashville Predators concept (by Evan L.)
Everything here is way too grainy. There are no TV numbers and the shoulder patches are too small and not in the proper position. 1/10

Nashville Predators concepts (by Elias)
Absolutely nothing wrong with the execution here. However, it just seems like a "safe" jersey, which is something that I find I get trapped in as well. These are all proven elements on a jersey, but there's no Predators' character to it. 6/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Deferoiler)
This is a Kings' practice jersey that goes along with Deferoiler's Kings concept from yesterday. Yesterday it was the socks that didn't make any sense to me, today it's the pants. They actually look like pants that still need the team designed shell over top. 4/10

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Ian V.)
The alternate is okay, but the blue in the logo needs to match the blue on the jersey. Also the silver hem stripe should move up to touch that horizontal hem stitching. I'd also prefer to see a different style of numbers on the home and road concepts. I do like the striping on those jerseys though. 6/10

St. Louis Blues concept (by Caz)
Individually I like all the elements of the primary logo, but together it looks like there might be one too many pieces. The script going through the arch may work. The jersey is execellent, very nicely executed. The lighter blue helmet doesn't work for me, I think a darker blue one would be better. 7/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Tyler G.)
Like almost everyone else, I would like to see more green and less black. Some more colour alterations would also help this look less like re-coloured Sens sweaters. I'd colour over the design that runs down the side torso with the primary jersey colour. Then I'd take those white arches on the arms (black on the white jersey) and I'd make those gold or green. Solid execution. 7/10

Winter Classic concepts (by D3troit1388)
Except for the city of Detroit shoulder patch, I think the Wings jersey is great! I also really like the Leafs jersey. Personal preference would be true white instead of vintage on the Toronto sweater. Great choice going with brown gloves for the Wings and blue helmets for the Leafs. 8/10

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Jose)
The last of Jose's Nike re-designs. I actually kind of like the new pattern on the arm and hem stripes. The sublimated wings around the collar are awesome too! I don't think the numbers were a good choice, but doing something that's not classic was the idea here, I guess. 8/10

Abbostford Heat concepts (by Brady)
As I said earlier this week, I really like the idea of the Flames' farm club wearing the old Atlanta "A". Now that the Marlies have eliminated the Heat, they have some time to think about the switch. The execution of this concept is really great, I love every part of it! COTW nom from me! 9/10

Rockford Ice Hogs concepts (by Dylan A.)
Dylan has made some changes to the Ice Hogs' look and has also explained them on his concept. I encourage anyone who has the same type of info to also write it on your concept. I know that alternate logo is the pig's tail, but I feel VERY tempted to call it the "pig anus" logo. Haha, joking aside this is a really great concept! 9/10
Friday: Winners, AHL, Predators, & More Reviewed by Ryan on May 11, 2012 Rating: 5


Jose Luis Gutti said...

I liked the concept of Pacman, but it certainly is for Super Mario Bros COTW.

Jose Luis Gutti said...

Also the concept of Nashville Elias is very interesting, I like the handling of colors and classic style in the numbers.

Scott Markiewicz said...

I'm torn between Brady's and Dylan A.'s concepts. They're great concepts! I'd second Brady's Heat for COTW and nominate Dylan A.'s Hogs for COTW. If its even possible to do so.

Ryan said...

@Scott. Sorry dude, choose one.

winnipegjets96 said...

I really like jose's red wing's concept especially the sub-laminated wing pattern, and the striping. But I will second Dylan A.'s Icehogs's concept, because its just about perfect for the team and if they used that black jersey witht the pig tail, i'd buy it

Elias R. said...

Detroit's WC for COTW! I love how they look like Leafs and Wings jerseys, but there aren't any elements taken from past jerseys (As far as I know).

D3troit1388 said...

@Elias, I've based the Detroit Jersey off the 1927-28 Jersey. For the Leafs I took their 1934-37 Jersey and removed some of the stripes. I don't think NBC whould be happy with 2 barber pole jerseys.

Elias R. said...

@D3troit1388, Oh, haha. I guess I don't know my jersey history then! Nice work though!

DBro Alexander said...

I've noticed theres an issue with my Pacman submission... the collar is supposed to be black with a stripe of blue going through the middle and I'm not sure how that happened, but it doesn't look like it screwed things up too bad.. thanks for the love guys

Brandon said...

Not so much to do with concepts, but I thought this knock off jersey was really funny and well put together:


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