COTW Winner / Moving on to the Monthly Vote

The winner of the COTW April 23-29 vote is MasonII with his alternate Nashville Predators concept! The results of the vote are below.
MasonII - 2
Justin - 1
Scott M. - 1
Ryan(HJC) - 0
Four voters. Three if I chose not to vote. Anyways, Mason's concept now moves on to April monthly vote, which begins immediately. You can see those concepts listed on the side of the page. To view the concepts, click that banner or go to the COTY 2012 tab.

Voting Committee Members:
Pirates ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW-April vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

I was just poking around the internet today and was looking up the new Barclays Center where the Brooklyn Nets will play next season. I came across some interesting news, the Islanders will play a pre-season game there next season. Also, the KHL plans at some point to play their Legends game there and a regular season game. That it is all.


Houston Aeros concepts (by NB14)
NB14 has matched up the Aeros' jersey with that of their parent club's, the Wild. He's also added a powder blue version that gives a nod back to the WHA team of the same name. I appreciate the time put in here, but these aren't too creative, in my opinion anyways. 5/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Kirk)
I kind of like this except for the black hem trim. I think the black on the hem should go all the way up to and behind the hem stripes. Also, the vertical stitching should go behind the hem stripes. Check out the TUTORIALS link on the side of the page for more info. 6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Martin)
The yellow used here seems more "olive" than typical Penguins gold. I applaud Martin's original work with his logo. I think the eye could use some more anger as right now it looks like a stuffed penguin to me. 6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tyler G.)
I always thought that the great thing about the Penguins using a blue jersey was that they also used a small bit of yellow in the logo. Because we've seen the original version of this jersey, with the yellow removed it just doesn't say Pittsburgh to me anymore. Good execution though. 6/10

Calgary Flames concepts (by Elias)
I prefer the Flames in red, but there would both do nicely as alternates! I especially like the black sweater and what Elias has done with the numbers! 9/10

New York Islanders concept (by MasonII)
Here's another jersey that would be perfect for an alternate. Not much else to say here as I really like everything about this. Great execution as well. 9/10

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Thomas L.)
It's hard for me to comment and not be biased, because I love what they wear now so much. However, I do like both of these except for the yoke outline on the blue jersey. I also wish the numbers had sharper corners and were bolder. 8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Jose)
Just like the NFL recently did, Jose is switching the NHL over to the Nike Pro Combat system. Except in hockey, Nike's sweaters are called "Nike Swift" jerseys. They actually did it before Reebok. If the NHL were to go to Nike, I think this is spot on of what the jerseys would look like. Side note, I was in a merch store a couple of weeks ago and found out that Reebok's contract with the NHL expires after the 2013-14 season. Just sayin'... 9/10

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Elias)
Simple and effective. However, I don't think that this logo works well as the primary logo on these jerseys. I think that lack of shoulder patches works though for such a traditional striped jersey.7/10

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by MasonII)
We've seen this one attempted a couple of times before here on HJC. This is my favourite one. To me, this is how a jersey with the patterned stripes should look for the Coyotes. As such, this gets a COTW nom from me. 9/10
COTW Winner / Moving on to the Monthly Vote Reviewed by Ryan on May 04, 2012 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Mason II for COTW, he's done it, it looks great, much better than mine

Alan John Herbert said...

MasonII's Islanders concept for the COTW!

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