Week of April 9-15, 2012

If you missed yesterday's post on logo inconsistencies, I suggest reading it. The post is mainly about the Leafs, but other people brought several other teams into the conversation with some really good comments and links.

The winner of the 2011-12 HJC Fantasy Hockey League was Mike C. with his team "WooWooWoo". Mike won with a lot of grinder/scorer type players. I probably set the value of hits too high. Congrats Mike.

Most people probably wouldn't admit they were THIS wrong, but you can take a look at my conference standings predictions before the season started. In the East, I predicted 5/8 teams correctly to make the playoffs. They were WSH, BOS, PHI, PIT, NYR, however I only correctly predicted that Boston would finish 2nd in the conference. In the West, I correctly predicted 6/8 teams making the playoffs, but had none correctly placed. Those teams are SJ, DET, VAN, LA, CHI, and NSH.

At the beginning of the season I predicted Pittsburgh beating Chicago in the Final. I will stick to that even though I don't think it will be correct. You have to live with your choices! I guess my worst prediction of the season was saying that Columbus would finish 8th in the West. Either that or sitting on the couch in mid January, looking at my wife and saying, "I think this is the year the Leafs make the playoffs."

I will post the brackets tomorrow and we'll get a fun little prediction pool going.

The COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. There was only one concept nominated and seconded last week and as per the rules, I stepped in and placed 3 more concepts into the voting. You can see those concepts by clicking the banner on the side or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.

Committee Members, here are your reminders;
COTW-March vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
HJC Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Apr 2-8 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Seattle Spartans concepts (by Kirk)
Kirk has used the old Metropolitans' logo and MSU's logo to create this new Seattle franchise. I actually like the colours, but the re-colouring of the jerseys has eliminated a lot of the jersey stitching. You can avoid that by turning down your Threshold (not applicable to MS Paint).

Dallas Stars concepts (by Stephen T.)
Home and road we've seen before. I think the black alt has a lot of potential. It's fine this was as well, but perhaps making the star portion of the jersey a different shade of black would help make it stand out? Execution note, what's going on with the yokes on that black alt? Are they square or rounded?

New York Rangers concepts (by HJC)
Not really concepts here, but just some small changes that I would like to see with the Rangers' jerseys. The specific changes are listed on the concept. Which also leads me to mention that if you have something that needs to be said about your concepts, please feel free to write it on there, just as I have.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Brandon S.)

Another fauxback for Brandon's series here. He uses a mash-up logo that he's put together with jerseys striping inspired by the former Thrashers. I really like this, but I don't think the light blue fits in very well.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Elias)
Including this one, the next five concepts are people's entries into the 3rd jersey competition that the Sarnia Sting held last month. The concept is very well executed, but I'm not a fan because it's just a Reebok cookie cutter jersey.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Alan)
In other people's entries I have enjoyed their use of a honeycomb pattern. Sad to say, I don't like how it is used here. My suggestion would is to have a yellow stripe and a white stripe and the black in between them would contain a sublimated honeycomb pattern.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Nevill)
I really like this one as Nevill has done a really good job of incorporating the grey. I know they did it before, but I don't like the jersey number on the front hem.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Brad M.)
Brad was a frequent contributor last year and he makes a quick reappearance for the Sting 3rd jersey comp. Everything is well executed, except for the pixelated logo. Some may like this one, but not me. I'm not a fan of the front number or the darker shade of yellow used in the stripes and numbers.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Justin)
Simple, classic, and well executed. These are all attributes that usually lead me to liking a concept. I really love all of the explanations that Justin has given on his entry! The one thing I don't like, which you can probably guess, is the different shade of black used on the yokes. Regardless, a COTW nom from me!

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Brandon S.)
I posted the sliver and black version of this on Friday and now here is the purple and gold era represented. My thoughts from Friday stay the same, except now this jersey looks better suited for the NHL team.
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Justin said...

Thanks for the COTW nom Ryan! The yokes and stripes were both supposed to be the same as the black in the logo but I was unaware of my mistake at the time.

T said...

Nevill for COTW

Tyler Gross said...

Justin's Sting Alternate Jersey Design is in the final 8 for the competition and is currently tied for the lead with 27% of the votes. http://www.sarniasting.com/article/jersey-contest-finalists-are-announced

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