Week of April 23-29, 2012

The HJC Jersey, which was designed by Brandon C., is now available for sale on the HJC JERSEY page. I won't be placing any orders for the jersey until I get some orders from you guys. It's $75 and you can find all of the details on the HJC JERSEY page.

The HJC Playoff pool (PLAYOFFS page) will be updated after the entire 1st round is complete, for anyone who is wondering.

I finally had some time and drew up this NHL practice jersey template.
This and many other templates can be found on the TEMPLATES page. While there, you are now able to download the blank NHL jerseys and team numbers directly to your computer. Click the links at the bottom of the page.

Sportslogos.net recently "updated" the 1967 Penguins logo, except I believe they have it wrong.
On the left, you can see what i think is the correct version. On the right is what they have "updated" to, which I believe to be just a white version of the 2011 Winter Classic logo. Check out the bottom of THIS post to see what I am talking about. What other evidence do I have?
That's a 1967 Pittsburgh Penguins schedule, which uses the logo where the 3 points of the triangle do not touch the inside of the circle.

Elias, who regularly contributes concepts, has created his own blog. Check it out, JerseyConceptHL.blogspot.ca

The COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. You can see the concepts by clicking that banner or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Committee Members, here is your vote reminder.
COTW Apr 16-22 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

A new competition is starting today. It's a Portland Pirates ReDesign!
I chose Portland because they are one of a handful of AHL teams that I think needs a new look. Check out the PORTLAND COMP page for all of the details and rules.

I don't have a lot of time today, so the concepts will just get a rating out of 10 from me. I need you guys to fill up the commentary with your comments.


Boston Browns concepts (by Chuckie)

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Brandon C.)

Portland Pirates concept (by Brady)

New York Islanders concepts (by Thomas L.)

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Tyler)

Dallas Stars concept (by Keens)

Worcester Sharks concepts (by Brandon C.)

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Joni)

Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by Thomas L.)

Team Canada concept (by Jose)

Quad City Mallards concept (by HJC)

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Justin)
9/10 & a COTW nomination from me.
Week of April 23-29, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on April 23, 2012 Rating: 5


Johnny M. said...

Ummmm...Chuckie, who are the Browns, and why do they look like old Bruins' jersies colored brown.

Deserves a 4/10

Chuckie said...


I am working on an almost identical idea for the avs right as this was posted, just with a differant montain design. I am not copying you at all, so don't think that if you see it get posted.

Elias R. said...

I second Justin's for COTW. That would be an awesome 3rd. I like how detailed the mountain design is.
I like the Quad City one, because the striping isn't seen very often, and the colors suit any team named the Ducks.
I think adding the gold outline was a good move by Jose. It makes it different than the Leafs jerseys. The sublimated aboriginal art is pretty cool too.
On Joni's Oilers concept, I wish the hem stripes were matching the arm stripes. Either striping would work though.
I can't really imagine Brandon's Sharks concept on the ice, but it seems like it would be too Reeboky.
It would be cool if Keens added more gold to the Stars jersey other than just the outline.
I think I would like Tyler's TB concept more if it was a less vibrant blue.
Brady's idea is cool. It seems very Minor Leagueish, but seeing as the team is a Minor League team, it fits.
I think the Hurricanes look better in red, than grey for Brandon's concept.
I like Chuckie's Bruins concept, but it would be better with the Bruins special yokes.
I'm not an expert, but these are just my opinions.

Chuckie said...

@ Johnny:

A) If you have noticed, I have a 50 team fantasy league, taking some teams from the NHL and either changing them slightly, keeping the same design, or revamping it completley. In this case, I took the Bruins, changed the "ui" to "ow" and got Browns.

B) Because I wanted to keep the spoked "B" which is iconic for Boston hockey, and colored the uniform brown, got rid of the yokes and other details.

More is coming.

Ryan said...


I don't think that each fantasy league concept is clear enough to everyone as you don't mention it on each of your fantasy league concepts.

Avi said...

ryan's for cotw, solid look

Justin said...

@Chuckie haha no worries! That happens to me all the time on here. I can't wait to see how yours comes out

cody said...

Second Ryan for COTW! I would buy that Mallards jersey in a heartbeat!

Ricky Mazella said...

Justin's jersey is merely a replication of the Colorado Mammoth (National Lacrosse League) jerseys . . . except they look much better with Avs blue - I always hoped the Avs would adapt this jersey idea or the Mammoth would add Avs blue to their color scheme.
Good job here, mate!

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