Week of April 2-8, 2012

This year really seems to be going by fast. The COTW nominees have been listed for the final week of March. Once that is decided, we move onto the March monthly vote, followed by the 1st Quarter Vote. Wow! Now, as I wrote at the beginning of the year, things are changing in a big way for me around the end of August. I will become a father and I have no way of knowing how much time I will have to devote to HJC. So, no guarantees that we will make it all the way to a COTY winner, but we move on assuming there will be one.

As I said, the COTW nominees have been listed. You can see the nominated concepts by clicking the banner on the side of the page or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. If you are a new-ish reader of HJC, I suggest you go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK or COTY 2012 page and click the link at the top to read the rules on COTW nominating.
COTW Mar 26 - Apr 1 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


If you have sent me an entry before this was posted, but you don't see it here, don't worry as it will be posted tomorrow. The entry deadline is Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

HJC Entry (by Anthony)
HJC Entry (by Aston)
HJC Entry (by Jérémi H.)
HJC Entry (by Jesper)
HJC Entry (by Thomas L.)


Winnipeg Jets concept (by Jérémi H.)
Half of this is executed well, but then the other half is very obviously not executed well. The good; the stripes and the outlining of the primary logo. The bad; no TV numbers, blue hem trim when there's already hem stripes, collar is blue on the front but grey on the back. player number and NOB appear too small on the jersey.

Ottawa 67's concept (by NB14)
Unfortunately, this is a poor re-colour of one of the 67's jerseys from Sportslogos.net. Just to let everyone know, there are links available on the TEMPLATES page for the blank versions to these jerseys...and a lot more. If you're new to HJC, go to the ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page first, then go to the TEMPLATES page. It will help A LOT!

Boston Bruins concept (by Tex)
A few weeks ago, Tex sent in the black version of this vintage Bruins sweater. This white version looks just as good. Really well executed.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by D3troit1388)
This looks really cool and is really well executed. It may just be my personal tastes, but I feel like there should be something on the shoulders. Yokes or shoulder patches perhaps?

Peterborough Petes concepts (by Kevin) Description on the concepts.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Tex)
This concept looks to be based on the '95-'97 Sens road sweater. It really is a shame that this side profile logo didn't get used more by the team. I really like this concept by Tex, however I think it would be even better if the same shoulder patches they currently use on the home and roads were use here.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by HJC)
I was doing two things here. First, I was trying to create something new and different for the Habs, but still had a small tie-in to the current home sweater. Secondly, I was updating one of the first ever concepts that I did back in October of 2008.

Washington Capitals concept (by Brian B.)
Brian sent in his blue version of this Caps "heritage fauxback" a couple of weeks ago and has now supplied the white version. Still great, but I think I like the blue version best.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Avi)
This was Avi's entry into the Sarnia Sting's 3rd Jersey Competition. I like where he has used the honeycomb pattern. Stepping away from that and this jersey gives off a slight St. Louis Blues' 3rd jersey vibe, which is a good thing. The only thing I don't like is that the numbers appear to be a different shade of black than what is used on the rest of the jersey. However, Avi may have done that on purpose, I can't remember.
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