The Voting is Ending

Today is the last day for all 3 ongoing votes.
COTW Apr 2-8 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
HJC Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW-March vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

There were a couple of playoff pool predictions that came in, but AFTER the broadcast began for the Pens-Flyers game. That was the deadline so they were invalid. Anyone who missed the first round is more than welcome to join in on the second round, but obviously it will be difficult for you to win. It's all just for fun though!

For those who may be wondering about the next HJC competition, it will begin on April 23. A quick hint, it will be for a team who's colours are red, white and black.

I don't have enough time today to write full reviews of each concept. I'm sorry to those who get posted today, it will just be quick points.


Chicago Blackhawks concept (by NB14)
2 different reds used, 2 different blacks used. Looks like their St. Patty's Day jerseys with retro logo. 4/10

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Kirk)
Don't like Leafs in two shades of blue, save it for the Marlies. Templates are available to make this yourself. I can tell a Toronto St. Pats concept of mine has just been re-coloured here. 4/10

Swift Current Broncos concepts (by Dustin)
Dustin has updated his first concept sent in with what he has learned. Nice update, just would prefer to see WHL marks instead of NHL on jerseys. 6/10

Fredericton Mariners concepts (by Shaun)
Concept QMJHL team. Nice work on the frankensteined logo. Execution is fantastic. Would prefer an original jersey. 7/10

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Bobby P.)
These come across as fauxbacks. I like the white one, bottom left. Cool cuffs on that one. 7/10

Minnesota Wild concept (by Jérémi H.)
Don't like the red trim. TV numbers seem too big. I like the curved hem stripes. Thrashers font is okay. 6/10

Seattle Emeralds concept (by Elias)
Shoulder patch is really cool. Primary crest looks too big. Could use some white to add brightness and some life. Or lighten a green. Presentation great again. 8/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Ian V.)
Love the curved arm stripes and the big coloured cuffs. The 3rd is perfect! Right side shoulder patch not properly executed on green jersey. Two shades of green used on black jersey. Would be 8 but execution errors bring it to 7/10.

Allen Americans CeHL concept (by HJC)
One of my favourite minor league brands. Arm striping based on the inside of the shield in their logo. Their actual sweaters based on PHX home sweater. They wear red at home and blue on the road, with a white 3rd jersey.
The Voting is Ending Reviewed by Ryan on April 12, 2012 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

@Ryan, I like this /10 rating system, you should use it more, just a thought

Tyler Gross said...

Other than the Stars (who I hate), the Americans are the only professional hockey team around where I live, I've been to about 3 of their games, so I was kind of shocked Ryan would make an Allen Americans concept, I love it!

Avi said...

ryan: i agree with winnipegjets96 too.

is it cool if i make a complete for the americans based off your concept? i like that look a lot. and sorry its been a while since ive sent anything in/commented....been kinda swamped lately

Ryan said...

Have at it Avi.

I'll see what I can do about continuing the rating system.

T said...

I'm going to give Shaun a COTW nom.

Joshua Schroeder said...

I love the descriptor on the Americans jersey. Yellow Horn was quite the junior star in Lethbridge, and as a local product there was quite an uproar when he was traded.

Nice concept, too. Blue pants and socks striped the same as the sleeves, and I think they'd have a sharp look.

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