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Something big going on in the NFL today? Ah well, we move on here at HOCKEY Jersey Concepts...

Here's a very random reminder; if you ever feel like you need to include information on your concepts, feel free to do so. I don't remember everything you may write in your emails when you send in the concepts, so if you want to do your own write-up, feel free to do so!

COTW Mar 26 - Apr 1 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


HJC Entry (by Alan)
HJC Entry (by John T.)
HJC Entry (by Mason H.)
HJC Entry (by NB14)
HJC Entry (by Tyler G.)

You have until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST to get your entry in.


San Jose Sharks concept (by NB14)
Here we get a black Sharks concept. This may have been better than what they wear now as a 3rd jersey, but it has some glaring execution errors. No TV numbers is a big problem. If you only use MS Paint, you shouldn't use this template. If you must though, numbers are available by clicking the TUTORIALS banner on the side of the page. If you're going to use shoulder patches, please place it on the jersey and not just show us the image. I can see things improving though.

Saginaw Spirit concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Sam N.)
Sam was the first one to make use of the new template and send it in. Sam has purposely left the TV numbers off because of the sublimated fleur de lis in their place. I think the same thing could have been accomplished by using them as shoulder patches and then TV numbers could have made an appearance. I do like this concept, but a touch of red would be nice.

All-Star Game concepts (by Dmitri)
Dmitri goes retro with these concepts. I think they are really cool and would look great. I would love to see retro ASG unis at some point, but I think the NHL would want to use their current shield no matter what. They really try hard to build their brand...fair enough.

Disney's Polynesian Resort concept (by HJC)
I am a Disney nut! I love everything about Disney, including going down to Orlando and enjoying Disney's resorts and theme parks (been there 10 times). My favourite resort there is the Polynesian and I created a hockey jersey inspired by the resort's signs. I'd love to get this jersey made for real one day.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tex)
Tex has done a variation of this concept before, but on a different template. He wanted to go back and clean things up, which he has done nicely. This is a really great concept, which is now even better executed than it was before.

Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds concepts (by Kevin) Description on the concepts.

Atlant Moscow Oblast KHL concepts (by Alan)
This is one of the best looking teams in the KHL, probably because they use Reebok Edge cut jerseys. Alan has done a really nice job of keeping them looking good by mixing all of their different sweaters from their KHL era. My only suggestions would be to use the ads that seem to be on all KHL team's sleeves, and to have the NOB in Russian (there are translators on the internet).
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Steven Grant said...

Guess what I saw when I opened my new The Hockey News magazine.


Also Tex for cotw.

Ryan said...

Wow, I have a subscription to THN. How the hell did I miss that?!?!?!

Stephan said...

Dmitri for cotw

Alan John Herbert said...

Tex's Blackhawks for COTW.

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