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I've started a new page which features the Stanley Cup Playoffs brackets. You can be like me and use it as your desktop background. There's also a just-for-fun pool going on there. So head on over and give it your best shot.

The new Weekly Poll was posted by Kris a couple of days ago and as is tradition just before the playoffs he is asking who you think will win the Cup. The same question has been asked twice this season. At the beginning of the season Boston was the favourite to repeat with Pittsburgh and Buffalo behind them. At the All-Star break again Boston was chosen as the favourite. Go to the WEEKLY POLL tab to leave your thoughts.

Committee Members, here are your reminders...
COTW-March vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
HJC Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Apr 2-8 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Florida Panthers concept (by Kirk)
Kirk has re-coloured the Panthers' 3rd jersey. If this was supposed to be "Miami" type colours, I think blue would have been better than green. Also, there are spots around the laces that haven't been re-coloured and the parts that were coloured green have covered the jersey stitching. Finally, there are no TV numbers.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Tyler M.)
This is a fine jersey because, as I've said before, a Bruins template looks good on almost any team. The downfall of this concept is the lack of TV numbers. Also, it may be a small thing to some, but there are a few pixels that haven't been coloured inside the Reebok logo.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Mazzz)
It seems like Mazzz is trying to bring back the colours of the North Stars and mix them with the Wild's green. I like it! I just think it would be better if the bear head was the primary logo and the shoulder patch was the logo shown in the top right corner. Also, the vertical stitching over top of the hem stripes is driving me nuts here.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Shaun)
The current logo and numbers on the "Buffa-slug" jersey has been seen several times before. Good execution.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Bobby P.)
I really like that blue jersey in the top left. Too bad the Sabres won't use an alternate for a while because I think something like that would be a great choice. The yellow jersey isn't for me, but it is well executed. The bottom right jersey has too much vintage white and not enough yellow, in my opinion. The logo also appears to be too large.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Jeremy T.)
I like where this jersey could go, but it needs some help. I think the yoke outline stripes should match the thickness of the arm stripes. The jersey logo needs a better outline, Sportslogos.net provides a good one. And I also think that the TV numbers should have the same outlines as the numbers on the back.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Jérémi H.)
A couple of weeks ago Jérémi had the first version of this concept posted. There were a lot of errors that he has corrected here. I think the half-and-half colour is a neat idea, but not professional enough for a NHL team. This could work as a piece of fan merchandise.

Chicago Express concept (by Elias)
Too bad this team folded last week, they had one of my favourite looks in all the minor leagues. I like the jersey that Elias has created here, except I don't agree with the cuffs being coloured in the light blue. I think the arm stripe should match the hem stripe and that's it. I really love Elias' presentation though!

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Brandon S.)
For Brandon's next installment in his fauxback series, he's used the blue and green on the early 2000's 3rd jersey. I think it looks a lot better this way!

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Steven G.)
Nailed it! To me, this is the perfect Hurricanes 3rd jersey. The sublimated flag pattern in the stripes is a really great feature and I love that he was able to keep the black shoulder patches. I think I might prefer the typical Hurricanes font and numbers, but this is still great. COTW nom from me!
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Kris said...

I'll second that COTW nomination for Steven

Brian said...

Brandon S for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

Elias for COTW

Colin said...

second Brandon S for COTW. That jersey reminds me of my childhood. LOVE IT!

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