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Seattle Beacons concepts (by Kirk)
I like the idea for the team name. The re-colouring of the top jersey has removed all of the jersey stitching. The re-colouring on the bottom jersey looks rough on the arms. I do like the logo mash-up, but if you're going to show us the shoulder patch you might as well and place it on the concepts. 2/10

Tennessee Ice Vols concepts (by Caz)
I like that Caz has supplied the image of the football unis that inspired the alternate sweater. The orange jersey seems to be the same as what they currently wear, with the white jersey being a new version to match. The actual white sweater looks like this. I like the alt that Caz has created, but I'm not big on the vintage white helmet. However, I get what he was trying to do. 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tyler G.)
Tyler has Edge-ified the 80's jersey. Execution looks great, but the primary logo looks a little blurry. 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Alan)
Alan has Edge-ified the 90's alternate, but he has lessened the grey and replaced it with yellow. I like that switch. On the back though, I think that the chest stripe should use a gradient to blend the grey and yellow instead of the two just meeting in the middle. Solid execution otherwise. 8/10

Boston Bruins concept (by Brandon C.)
Right off the top I will say how good the execution of this concept is! I really like the concept as well, but there may be too much white. Perhaps using a black collar or numbers would change that. 8/10

HJC concept (by Bobby P.)
Bobby wanted to use this logo, but it wasn't one of the options. I like the jersey though, a vintage white HJC sweater would be cool. If this first HJC jersey is popular enough, we may have to do a "road" HJC jersey competition sometime in the future. 8/10

Vityaz Chekhov concept (by Jose)
I prefer this team in their Red Wings look-alike sweaters, but this would be a great alternate. Do KHL teams have alternates? The execution here us fantastic and I love the authenticity with the ads on the jersey. 8/10

Seattle Spartans concept (by Brandon S.)
Brandon has used (and properly credited) Thallos' logos from his "Create-A-Team Competition" winning entry. This is also a nice job by Brandon adjusting a standard shop.NHL.com jersey view. Even though this team's colours are blue and orange, I think he's done it in a different enough way to not encroach on the Oilers look. 8/10

Worcester Sharks concepts (by Torin)
A team named the Sharks is the only team that this Reebok jersey is appropriate for. Torin has added two small hem stripes which also brings this back into the realm of "acceptable hockey sweater. I love the grey alternate and because of it I will give this a COTW nomination. 9/10
Penguins, Seattle, Tennessee, & More Reviewed by Ryan on April 17, 2012 Rating: 5


Kyle C. said...

Torin for COTW

Tex said...

Alan's pens for COTW, that's outstanding work, well done alan.

Steven Grant said...

I'll second Alan's cotw nomination. I like the use of lots of yellow.

T said...

Jose for COTW

P.S. when I click on the link to see the Univ. of Tennessee's white jersey, it show's the same picture as the orange one. Is this just my computer?

Ryan said...


I will fix that in a while. Sorry folks.

Thun said...

I liked pretty much of every one of those concepts. My fave was the Alan's Pens one. It looks just perfect.

Thallos said...

Brandon, great take on my 'Spartans' identity. I think those colors are really unique and work fairly well with the logo. Thanks for the credit, as well. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the Seattle Spartans Jersey and name. This looks fantastic. ring 'em into th NHL!

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