More Winners Today

The winner of the 1st Quarter Vote is Matt M. with his Penguins concepts! We won't see that concept again until the COTY Semi-Finals in January 2013, so go take a look at them now on the COTY 2012 page. The results of the vote are below.
Matt M. - 6
Stephane (barber) - 5
Stephane (white) - 1

The winner of the COTW April 9-15 vote was Ryan (me) with a New York Rangers concept. You can see that concept of the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of that vote are below.
Ryan - 3
Brandon S. - 2
Steven G. - 2
Dylan - 1

These are bad quality images, but it does provide some insight.
Images from the Reebok catalog to retailers.
On the left you can see the template that Reebok uses for their authentic and on ice jerseys. On the right is the template that they use for their replica, or Premier, jerseys. I know we've seen the template on the right be used previously on team jersey images, but I'm going with what Reebok shows here. I have renamed the templates on the TEMPLATES page accordingly. The "Official NHL Template" is now the "Reebok Premier Jersey Template". And what was formerly the "Reebok Gamewear Template" is now the "Reebok Authentic Jersey Template".


Holy Cross Crusaders concept (by Mazzz)
The jersey definitely fits the name of this NCAA team, but in my opinion is most certainly a downgrade from what they currently wear. The execution is pretty good, but the white cross on the jersey should go over top of the stitching. I also think that the player number should have a thicker white outline. 4/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by NB14)
I really like the white jersey here, but I think the primary logo could use a dark blue outline around it. I'm not a fan of the yellow jersey as it's a yellow Devils throwback sweater essentially. The home blue is not bad. Execution is quite good. 6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Thomas L.)
These are really well executed, but to me they look too Reebok. I also think that the vegas gold outlines on the white jersey should be thicker. Perhaps a "Robo-Penguin" shoulder patch would have added some more life here? 5/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tyler G.)
This is a very well executed Edge-ification of the Hawks' early 50's jersey. 7/10

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brandon C.)
I'm not so sure that the retro Flames' colours work on the current striping. Some black trim would really tie in the modern striping well. Although there are Flames fans who would like to rid the team of black. 6/10

Calgary Flames concept (by Brandon C.)
This is a great 3rd jersey option! I love everything about it an the execution is fantastic! Also using the Oilers' style collar would really add fuel to their rivalry fire! 8/10

Spokane Spartans concepts (by Thallos)
Thallos won the "Create-A-Team" competition a while back with a blue and red version of this team. He has now changed it saying that the green and gold work better. I would agree. I really like the 3rd jersey, but it looks more fitted for NCAA than the NHL. Not to say it wouldn't work in the pros though. I would give this a nomination, but it already won a comp. 9/10

New Jersey Devils concepts (by Thomas L.)
I really like these! They are new, but they also stay true to a classic hockey jersey, which is something that is very important to the Devils. That's why they don't have a regular 3rd jersey, it's not the classic way. COTW nomination from me on this one. 9/10
More Winners Today Reviewed by Ryan on April 20, 2012 Rating: 5


Justin said...

Thallos for COTW! And if I'm not mistaken, didn't my Lumberjacks entry win the Create-a-Team contest?

Ryan said...

You're probably right Justin.

Elias R. said...

I second Thomas for COTW.

T said...

Second thallos for COTW

-Torin (I don't know why my screen name changed)

Brian said...

Thallos for COTW

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