Last Day: COTW votes & HJC Entries

Today is the last day to get your COTW vote in. The race is VERY close, so be sure to vote and ensure there won't be a tie-breaker!
COTW Mar 26 - Apr 1 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


The deadline for HJC Jersey Entries is tonight at 11:59pm EST. Tomorrow we will begin voting for our Top 5 in an effort to move the top 25% on to the next round.

HJC Entry (by D3troit1388)
HJC Entry (by Eric W.)
HJC Entry (by Steven G.)


Dallas Stars concept (by NB14)
Unfortunately, this concept suffers from too many execution errors to list here. I would strongly suggest that you take some time to read and follow along with the tutorials. You can see them by clicking the banner on the side of the page.

Papua New Guinea concept (by WinnipegJets96)
These "what if" concepts are always a neat idea. I don't like all of the loose pixels around the primary crest though. I like it except for the white cuffs and hem trim.

Winter Classic concepts (by Torin)
Torin has the Blues facing the Devils in the 2014 Classic. I really like the Devils fauxbacks that he has come up with here. Aside from the logo, the Blues don't really look like the Blues here, in my opinion. I understand the tie-in with the St. Louis Eagles, but to me it doesn't have enough St. Louis Blues.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Tex)
This is a tremendously well executed concept, as is usually the case with Tex. Every time the Sabres have tried to get away from classic blue and yellow, they always come back to it. This looks to be getting away from that classic blue and yellow and focusing more on silver. I also don't think that the "B-sword" logo holds up as a primary crest, but this concept is so well done that it is hard to dislike it.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Brandon S.)
Brandon's fauxback series continues by putting the Avs in the unused Nordiques sweaters. We've seen this a few times before, but quality work and execution will help your concepts stand out significantly!

Sarnia Sting concept (by Eric W.)
Here was Eric entry into the Sting's 3rd jersey competition. I really love the yoke stripes and the matching hem stripes. That's also probably why I don't think the arm stripes fit in very well. I also have to note that it could have been second nature for Eric to put collar laces on this, but he avoided it which will help make his entry different from others.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Scott)
Now we have Scott's entry into the Sting 3rd jersey comp. Quality job here. I like the sleeves that morph into the cuffs. My personal choice would be to move the black hem stripe all the way down to the hem. Otherwise, excellent work.

Windsor Spitfires concepts (by Kevin) Description is on the concepts. I want to mention what an awesome job Kevin has done these last few months with is OHL and WHL Re-designs! Consistently good work!
Last Day: COTW votes & HJC Entries Reviewed by Ryan on April 05, 2012 Rating: 5


Elias R. said...

D3troit1388's entry looks a lot like my friend Thomas' entry a few days ago. I'm just pointing it out, cause they look almost identical.
D3troit1388: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-aXh-oH7lI3c/T30HkUijEeI/AAAAAAAALoU/7FznMSwm324/s1600/D3troit1388.png
Thomas: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gVRL0HnuIiI/T3n4K86AzPI/AAAAAAAALjQ/yDTHgoW-tZ8/s1600/ThomasLivingstone.png

Steven Grant said...

Ryan, just a minor thing but you have my HJC entry labelled by Scott.

Colin said...

minor execution thing on brandon's jersey. it is a CCM jersey complete with all the branding, but there is a reebok vector on the back. That would never happen.

Ryan said...

Reebok and CCM are the same company. Reebok made the jerseys two seasons before the transition to the Edge system.

Ryan said...

@Elias: No, not really that close. Also, we are all working with the same colours and logos. There are going to be similarities.

Elias R. said...

Okay, i would be fine if either of those won anyways.

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