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COTW Apr 16-22 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Portland Pirates Entries

Pirates Entry (by NB14)


Amherst Knights concepts (by Chuckie)
I like all of the jerseys here! The colours are also good for a team called the Knights. The execution looks really solid too. My only suggestion would be to switch the primary and secondary logos. 7/10

NHL Draft concepts (by NB14)
NB14 was watching the Draft Lottery and put these concepts together for the teams with the top 3 picks. Oilers jersey is ok, BLUE Jackets shouldn't ever be red in my opinion, and the retro Habs jersey is solid. I know the Oilers could use a D-man, but there's no way (if they keep the pick) that they should pass on Yakupov. If they don't take him then they should trade down a pick or two and get one or two more assets from a team desperately looking to move up. 5/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Yesterday Jets96 had a concept posted which featured his preference of the Capitals of the 90's. This is another version of that look. To me, the sleeves just look too empty. I know this tries to combine the 90's with the original look, but it's not working. 6/10

Buffalo Blades concepts (by Chuckie)
I know these are supposed to be part of your concept "Fantasy League", but these are Sabres concepts. You've just given them a different name. Pretty good jersey recreation though, except the TV numbers on the home and road look a little fat. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tyler G.)
The Hawks in a vintage white version of their road jersey would be cool for a Classic. The collar, while being true to the look of the jersey, appears odd. I would make it solid black, same with the laces. 7/10

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Mazzz)
Mazzz's Jets concept looks like it should have been an alternate jersey in the late 90's. The neat part about these concepts is that Mazzz has used the army's captain stripes on the arm as opposed to a C on the chest. 7/10

Winter Classic concepts (by Thomas H.)
Devils versus Jets might be the lowest rated game in NBC's history. Either way, the retro concepts are very nicely executed. Especially the Devils' numbers, it's nice to see that Thomas went with the actual retro numbers and not the current Devils' numbers (as the team does for their St. Patty's Day unis). 8/10

Hartford Whalers concepts (by Caz)
I really think these are cool and well done. Everything, except for the neon green. If it was an emerald green, it would look like a professional team, but the neon green really drags this one down. 6/10

Columbus Blue Jackets (by Brian B.)
Because of the shades of the red and blue used, this looks more like an Avs jersey than a Jackets jersey. The logos and numbers end up indicating that it is for the Jackets. I'm actually not a fan of this one as the colours don't sit well with me and I don't think that the logo is strong enough to be a primary crest. 6/10

Sarnia Sting concept (by D3troit1388)
Solid concept and the execution is near perfect as well. The small problem is that the OHL logo on the jersey would be in one of the team's colours. That's a small detail, otherwise it's a good concept. It would also be suitable for the Wild. 8/10

Nashville Predators concept (by MasonII)
Here is a great option for a Preds 3rd jersey. Fairly simple swoop striping and it works. Great choice on the collar style as well. Considering the Preds' previous "mustard 3rds", that collar would work well. COTW nomination from me. 9/10
Wednesday Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on April 25, 2012 Rating: 5


Elias R. said...

I'm probably going to buy one. I just want to make sure i want it, before i hand out 75$. Ill make sure i decide before sunday.

Alan John Herbert said...

Mason II got my COTW vote!

Justin said...

I'm probably going to buy one as well but I'm not entirely sure yet. How long will they be available for?

Ryan said...

Right now they are available until Sunday. If more people express interest I will extend the deadline.

What is holding you back? I should be able to answer any questions people may have about the product.

Brandon said...

here's my deal with the hjc jersey, it is a good looking jersey, don't get me wrong. but, if i'm going to wear a jersey of something that nobody has ever heard of, i would prefer it to look like an actual team rather than a website souvenir. like how puckdrawn and rink gear would do their contests, those were jerseys i was interested in purchasing, unfortunately i couldnt find out how to place an order. so maybe HJC needs to take over where puckdrawn left off in terms of contests with rinkgear? i dont know, just my two cents.

Ryan said...


I would love to but most people here dont draw their own logos. I would also have to talk to RinkGear.

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