HJC Regular in Sting Top 8

The Sarnia Sting have revealed the "Top 8" entries for their 3rd jersey contest. Three of those eight were sent into HJC as well. Dylan A. (entry #2), Niklas who's concept is posted below (entry #4), and Justin C.'s (entry #3) all made it to the top 8! Personally, I'm throwing my support behind Justin's entry. Justin is a HJC regular contributor and his concept was explained and presented exceptionally well. Go HERE to vote, on the side of the Sting's page. You can apparently vote once a day and voting ends on April 20.

The Just-For-Fun HJC Playoff Pool is still open for your picks. I'm going to make the deadline at 7pm EST tonight, just as the Pens-Flyers broadcast begins. Damn, that series is on TSN here in Canada and I don't have cable. Looks like crappy streaming for me!

If you sent me a Lightning/Buccaneers concept in the last couple of weeks please let me know who you were. I'm sorry, I saved the file but I forgot to attach a name to it.

Vote reminders:
COTW-March vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
HJC Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Apr 2-8 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


NB14's Jersey Collection
NB14's jersey collection has too many Ottawa sweaters in it, haha! Actually, I think that 67's sweater is pretty cool. The only real blemish with this collection is that unfortunately fake Hawks 3rd jersey. Not a big deal, I own three "questionable" sweaters myself.

Calgary Flames concept (by Kirk)
The big problem that I have here is that this has clearly been taken from Icethetics and coloured over. It's a neat idea for a Flames sweater, but could have been executed so much better by using everything that is available on the TEMPLATES page.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Tyler G.)
I like the additional of the yoke outline, but I think the fleur de lis on the shoulders is too many fleur de lis. The logo is also very pixelated. That needs to be cleaned up. Other than the logo, execution is solid.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Anthony C.)
You guys know that I'm not a huge fan of "different" striping, but occasionally something comes in and I end up liking it. When Anthony first sent this, I didn't like it, but now that I see it again I actually think it would look pretty cool on the ice. Anthony has also done a great job adding the realistic shading to the concept.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Niklas)
The concept itself is really well done! I might have been a fan of this last summer, but I have found that the stripe across the chest look has grown tired with me. Again, I have to note how clean and professional this looks (vector art will do that, obviously).

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Jérémi H.)
I really like the old style striping on this. And I know that having a black and white logo (sort of) is a nod to the early sweaters of the team, but I think I would really prefer the face to have some colour. Execution of this concept is tremendous!

New York Rangers concept (by HJC)
You probably saw this on Icethetics yesterday. It's a Rangers concept logo and jersey. The jersey striping is based on the yoke striping of the Winter Classic sweater. The logo is trying to be trendy and modern, like New York City. The four stars at the bottom represent the team's four Cup wins.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Brandon S.)
I really like the crazy amount of stripes on this jersey. The colours seem to have been arranged in a visually pleasing way. I personally think that the primary logo would be better on the front rather than a wordmark because of all the stripes. I think something needs to break them up on the front and the logo would do that.

North Dakota Fight Sioux concept (by Elias)
Even though they wouldn't be allowed to use this now, it's still a decent concept. I don't think though that there should be an even amount of green and red. One colour should be more prominent. The execution is nearly perfect except for the NHL shield in the collar insert.
HJC Regular in Sting Top 8 Reviewed by Ryan on April 11, 2012 Rating: 5


Scott Markiewicz said...

Ryan's Rangers concept for COTW!!! As a Rangers fan, I think those would be great alternates if they ever get rid of the Heritage jersey

Avi said...

to tell you the truth, im surprised at how a few of the concepts in the sting competition made the final eight. most of the ones posted here on hjc were much better

Justin said...

I second Ryans Rangers for COTW! Cool, simple logo that is still very classic. Great work!

Matt Marczel said...

Ryan, which team are you rooting for the most in this years playoffs? The teams that I very much do not want to see win the Cup this year are Boston, Chicago, Detroit, San Jose, Pittsburgh.

Ryan said...

I'm cheering for Pittsburgh. They are my pick from day 1 of the season and I like their players. I also get a kick out of how much Flyers fans hate them.

Ryan said...

Sorry Matt I accidentally deleted your follow up comment. Send again

Matt Marczel said...

Yeah, Pittsburgh and Philly is a great rivalry, and should be one hell of a series to watch. Pittsburgh looks dangerous, but they may be pretty beat up if they make it to the Finals, possibly having to go through Boston and NYR if/when they get through Philly. I can only hope that my Canucks can make it back to the Finals and win it all this year, but they're really up against some serious competition in this years playoffs.

Justin said...

@Avi I agree. I really liked yours, Ryans, and Scott's entries. There are a few entries, and no offense to the designers, that I think got chosen over some more deserving ones. Which ones do and don't you guys like?

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