The Hockey News magazine asked Twitter followers to tweet them ridiculous playoff predictions a couple of weeks ago. I sent them something about the Leafs being perfect the rest of the regular season and sweeping everyone in the playoffs. On page 9 of the most recent edition of the magazine, my tweet was printed! Nothing major, but still pretty fun to see HJC's Twitter account make The Hockey News! I have a subscription to the magazine and had passed over it for two days before Steven G. left a comment and pic alerting me.

I have updated the AHL 3rd/specialty jersey template.
It's not as bulky now and the collars don't take up so much space. Those collars are now the same ones used on the popular Reebok Edge Standard Template. This and many other great things can be found on the TEMPLATES page.

COTW Mar 26 - Apr 1 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Here come some more HJC jersey entries. Remember, the entry deadline is Thursday at 11:59pm EST.

HJC Entry (by Matt M.)
HJC Entry (by Matt R.)
HJC Entry (by HJC)
HJC Entry (by Scott)


Nashville Predators concepts (by NB14)
Things are getting better here. I don't know if the yellow cuffs are working too well. Also, the blue on the guitar pick shoulder patches and on the NP logo is different that what is being used on the jerseys. Choose one blue. Finally, the numbers would look better with an outline.

Winter Classic concepts (by Thomas L.)
Thomas is already preparing for a 2011 Winter Classic rematch in 2021. He's got the Caps in retro reds and the Pens in a white jersey that combines a lot of elements from all of their jerseys from the "blue" era. Who knows, maybe by 2021 what the teams wear now will be the inspiration for the jerseys?

Boston Bruins concept (by Brandon S.)
Brandon has a few retro inspired jerseys on the way over the next few days. We'll begin with the great Bruins concept! Even though most of the specific stripe styles have never been used on a Bruins jersey before, you know instantly when look at this that it is a Bruins jersey. COTW nom from me!

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Dmitri)
This would be a great Wild set! Without the wheat colour, the home and road jerseys don't look as good, but they still look great! The 3rd is a nice fauxback as well, and would work now that the NHL allows vintage white jerseys.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Tex)
Nice fauxback concept here by Tex. I think 3 jerseys stripes also works well for the Leafs. I like the NOB font, but not the player number font. Also, the Arenas crest might be better as a shoulder patch here. Also, I hate the player he chose to put on the back of the jersey. Back check for once you loser and show some damn passion!

HJC concepts (by Eric W.)
These were sent in before the contest was announced. Hopefully Eric sees this and gets one of these in as his HJC jersey entry. I love that he has used names of HJC contributors on the backs! I think all 4 look great, but #2 might be my favourite and not because my name is on it. #4 looks great as well.

HJC concept (by Brandon S.)
Brandon should also try to get this in as his HJC jersey entry! Obviously, it's quite similar to the Bruins jersey above, which is great. I also really like the use of the logos on the arm stripes.

Sudbury Wolves concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.
HJC Gets In THN Reviewed by Ryan on April 04, 2012 Rating: 5


Brandon said...

Thanks for the COTW nom Ryan!

I've got a version of the HJC jersey with a legal shoulder patch I'll send in after I get off work later!

Matt Marczel said...

I like Tex's Leafs concept, but agree with Ryan that the Arenas crest would look better on the shoulders, as it looks a tad out of place in the position of the captain's 'C'.

Also, I'm a big fan of Eric Westhaver's work in general, there's never been a concept of his that I've disliked or even criticized. His HJC concepts are excellent.

winnipegjets96 said...

Kevin's wolves concept for COTW, Gotta love the fact the it updates their current look into something modern but keeps the nostalgia as a 3rd jersey

MMcG said...

I like the Wild jerseys. I think they'd look even nicer with the logo of the third jersey on the home and away jerseys and maybe the Minnesota wordmark on the third jersey (or the circle logo)

I think the third jersey would also look kickass in modern white vs. vintage white.

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