First set of Pirates Entries

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When the "favourites" go out of the playoffs, ridicule usually follows. This season is no different. Brian takes his shots at both the Canucks and Penguins.
Sticking with the golf theme, Eric W. also takes this opportunity to stick it to the Canucks.
I know you Canucks and Penguins fans may be hot and bothered right now, but remember you're in the majority as 22 other teams won't make it to round 2 either.


Portland Pirates Entries

Pirates Entry (by Justin)
Pirates Entry (by Steven G.)


Beijing Mad Pandas concepts (by Chuckie)
I like the Chicoutimi Sagueneens sweaters in green. I appreciate the effort to draw his own logo, but when you draw your own logo the actual image should be cleaner. Example, your green outline is cleaner than the panda. I also think that the name "Pandas" would have been okay by itself. 5/10

St. Louis Blues concepts (by NB14)
By having these home and roads sweaters they should rename themselves the St. Louis Reds. The alt is good though. I like the arm stripes on the home and road, but the road sweater could use hem striping like the home. It looks like it was there, but then was removed. I can tell because the vertical stitching doesn't come down all the way like it should. 5/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Brandon C.)
As a new 3rd jersey Brandon thinks that the Hawks could possibly wear this Edge-ified and modified 1948 jersey. I like his modifications and the execution is quite good. However, I don't care for the white space inside the shoulder patch. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tex)
As a 3rd jersey the Hawks could go back even further to their black and white days. Tex has Edge-ified and modified the team's jersey from the early 30's. This would be a cool jersey to see in another outdoor game. 8/10

Brazilia Aztecs concepts (by Chuckie)
The jersey striping and colours look good, but I'm not a fan of anything that is happening on the backs of the jerseys. Also, a team in Brazil is a little too far fetched for me. Maybe some relocated North Americans would get together and play a road hockey game, but I can't picture a team from Brazil thriving in a league. Finally, "Brazzilia" isn't a word, and if it were I think it has been misspelled here. 6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by MasonII)
Jersey striping and colours are good. I'm not so sure about removing the gold from the logos though. I think that small touch of gold is what made the blue unis great. I personally would also switch "Robo-Penguin" and the traditional logo. Great execution. 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Thomas H.)
The home and roads are decent, but I think the logo needs a white outline on the black jersey. I really like that 3rd jersey, based off of the original jersey. Execution, aside from the logo on the black jersey is pretty good. It's really cool to see that everyone has started taking the execution notes seriously. When you do it really takes your work up to the next level. 7/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 always has liked the Caps of the 90's. He Edge-ifies them here with a classic looking jersey. 60% of the time, classic stripes work every time. I do think that the primary logo needs to be about 10% bigger though. 7/10

Montreal Canadiens concept (by MasonII)
I love this as a 3rd jersey option and I think that it could legitimately work. Habs fans may say this is crazy and to never touch the classic look of the Habs. The only small thing I would change is the socks because they look like the Capitals' socks. COTW nom from me though! 8/10

AHL Outdoor Classic concepts (by HJC)
Kind of getting lost in the hype of the Winter Classic is the AHL Outdoor Classic which will happen a day or two before the big NHL game. The Griffins concept is my entry from last summer's Griffins jersey comp on the now defunct PuckDrawn.com. The Marlies jersey uses the Duke of Marlboro crown on the classic leaf and the jersey is based off of the Leafs' jersey of the early 30's.

Aztec Eagle Warriors concept (by Jose)
I couldn't find an image of what this team actually wears, but I think it's a pretty safe assumption that Jose's is better. I'm really enjoying the sublimated patterns that Jose is throwing on his concepts. It's actually the saving grace of this Reebok cookie cutter jersey. 7/10

New York Rangers concepts (by Thomas L.)
I really like the striping pattern, it works well for the blue jersey. On the white jersey, it just looks like too many stripes. Maybe if you just left them as is and only re-coloured the jersey from blue to white, that might look cool. 7/10
First set of Pirates Entries Reviewed by Ryan on April 24, 2012 Rating: 5


Kevin said...

Nothing pleases me more than to see that whining and crying baby Crosby go out in the first round. Brian you are the MAN for that Pens logo

Andrew B. said...

Brazilia is the Capital of Brazil

Ryan said...

Excellent. Thanks for the info Andrew.

Chuckie said...

Yeah, I know that it is completley impossible for a team to do well financially in Brazil, but I also put a team in South Africa and places like that as well. Brazzilia is spelled in a bunch af ways also. In English, it can be spellled with two "s" or one "z". In Spanish, it has two "z"s

Thanks Andrew

Bobby P. said...

I don't know how many people knew this, but it was certainly news to me that 99% of the internet gets the Nordiques unis that went unused when they relocated to Colorado wrong. Great article (which incidentally mentions HJC) about it: http://thirdstringgoalie.blogspot.com/2012/04/setting-record-straight-quebec.html

Tex said...

@Kevin, what makes Crosby a whining baby? Considering the Flyers were diving left and right, going down with the slightest bump, then whining and crying to the officials in the same way Philly fans despise Sid for supposedly doing, not to mention the fans at those games were non stop complaining at every call that wasn't in their favor. So I've determined that the Flyers fans are simply jealous that the best 2 players in the world are on the team they despise. forgive me, i'm still not happy.

T said...

Jose for COTW

Kevin said...

@Tex, no i like a little back-and-fourth its fun.
But here is why Cindy is a whining baby. #1 lets go back in time when he first came on the scene and when he showed he was something spectacular, he was labeled "Baby Lemieux" thus starting his downward spiral into becoming the icon of the league and the most protected player. Look on YouTube 'Derian Hatcher hits Crosby' he snapped his head back and held Hatchers stick. Not only has he done stuff like that against the Flyers and gotten the call, but also other teams in the division, the Islanders more than the others.
Going down with the slightest bump you say? Well...what was up with Kunitz, Neal, Kennedy and Cooke? Seemed to me anytime they had pressure near them they went down.
Fans in Philly know the game just as good as those fans in Montreal and Detroit. Philly fans are really intelligent and know the game and the set of rules, plus I work the games so those non-calls and the BS-calls, ALWAYS go the Pens way because of who they have on their team. Its been like that for years.
I like what you have noticed though, being jealous of the best two players in the world? On the Penguins team? CLAUDE GIROUX. When he goes up to the coach and says "i dont know who you plan on starting, but i want the first shift" goes out there and puts a big hit on Crosby, then scores on a snapshot that no netminder would have been able to save, plus he put up 14 points against the Pens. The Pens may have 2 of the best, but certainly not THE best. Plus when the Art Ross winner gets completely shutdown by a 19 year old rookie, by the time he will be able to have a beer legally he will be considered one of the best two way players in the league.
Pittsburgh needs to be re-structured and Bylsma preaches goonery. I.E. Game 3

Sorry Ryan but all that just flowed right out lol

Ryan said...

I'm no Pens or Flyers fan but Kevin is drinking the Flyers' Koolaid and wearing orange and black goggles.

Justin said...

I'm no Flyers or Pens fan, but I am going to have to agree with Kevin. Crosby and the Penguins are the biggest hypocrite of a team. They dive and BS their way through every game but when another team does it all hell breaks loose. I do not think Crosby (and especially not Malkin) is the best player in the world. Honestly, the game was so much more enjoyable to watch when he was out and not kissing the refs (and Bettmans) rear. Just my thought.

But I do love Tex's Chicago concept. COTW nomination from me!

Brian said...

AHL Winter classic for COTW

Tex said...

I'll be the first to agree, Claude Giroux is one of the best payers in the world, no doubt. And I will agree that Crosby was a bit of a whiner in the beginning, but not as much as some fans like to make it. But there is nothing wrong with the league having a face, and it happens to be Sidney Crosby. Now, I despise Bettman as much as any hockey fan with any sense. I didn't like the way series was officiated, one game it was a bloodbath an the next it was tidly winks. I want the game to be called fairly, and this series was not officiated well. Malkin wasn't exactly "shut down" 8 points in 6 games isn't all that bad, but he was nowhere near as god as he should have been, thanks to the tremendous work of Coutorier. I still hate the Flyers with all of my heart, and always will, but you guys outplayed us and we didn't deserve to win. But I will diagree with the last think Kevin said, Bylsma doesn't preach goonery and we don't need restructured, I think this team can win the cup next year. I shouldn't get into these discussions, I just cant take them anymore. All in all, I'm still not happy and won't be for a while.

Kevin said...

@Tex, my rant wasnt to upset you. this isnt the place to do that and I just dont have it in me to be that much of an A-Hole after a good series, ill admit. Problem is there are 29 other teams that Bettman and his crew have to look after, some more than others. But when you have multiple incidents like what happened in Game 3 where Asham goes in and clearly had the intent to injure and how Neal came in late on Couturier and gave Giroux the flying elbow, not to mention how CROSBY started that fight that got Craig Adams suspended for Game 4. If the NHL is going to have a tight policing system in which they will not tolerate those types of plays, include the superstars like Crosby and Malkin who concussed Niklas Grossmann in the series. I would not have such a problem with the Penguins if it wasnt for the fact that they seem to be the exceptions to the rules.

Again Tex, sorry I seemed to have struck a nerve

Matt said...

@Chuckie There are teams at Brazil. Even though they are pretty weak and rare to find. Most of them are in São Paulo, by the way.

Tex said...

@Kevin, it wasn't you that made me mad in the least bit, it was my teams pathetic performance and losing a series to the flyers, nothing to do with you. I didn't like the way we played, Asham took that cheap shot and that got me upset, it was a stupid play. But it wasn't you, I've been upset since sunday.

Justin said...

Is it just me or does the AHL Classic logo look a lot like a Wendy's sign? If it was supposed to represent Comerica Park's scoreboard, keep in mind they upgraded into the 21st century with a HD video scoreboard this offseason.
I like the jerseys, though :)

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