April Fool's Post!

Welcome to the HJC April Fool's Day post, and these concepts certainly are foolish. I do have a lot of great HJC Jersey entries that have come in, but I will wait until Monday's normal post to share them.

Matt M. sent along this link, and if you're a long time CCSLC member you may remember the user "dgnmrwrw" and his defunct NHL teams series.


Montreal Canadiens concept (by Brian B.)
Much like fans here in Toronto, Brian wants to see his Habs tank the rest of the season to better improve their chance at winning the draft lottery and getting the first overall pick. That pick is believed to be Nail Yakupov of the Sarnia Sting (OHL). No one's going to finish lower than Columbus though, but word is that they now hate taking Russian players.

Toronto-Montreal swap (by Justin)
If it wasn't a rivalry and wasn't the NHL, then this would be a funny idea where the teams swap sweater designs. However, if you tried to pull this on Leafs and Habs fans you may have a riot in the stands before the game even begins!

Toronto-Detroit swap (by Alan)
A couple of weeks ago Alan sent in Winter Classic concepts that looked like this except the teams were wearing their usual colours. Alan has swapped their colours here and that was the inspiration for this April Fool's post.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Justin)
"Tebowmania" has broken out of football and is now invading hockey. Could you imagine if someone in New York had a Yankees or Rangers Tebow jersey made?!?! They would be treated like Denis Potvin in the Garden!

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Alan)
I had no idea what this was, but apparently it's a YouTube sensation called Nyan Cat. You could look it up, but I warn you now, it's not worth your time.

Buffalo Sabres helmet (by HJC)
Can you imagine if players were allowed to customize their helmets like goalies? Now imagine how many of these we would have seen back in 2006 when the Buffa-slug jerseys came out!

"In the Jersey Collection" (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 says this is foolish for two reasons. One, he thinks it's foolish that a team tried to make a 3D jersey. Secondly, he KNOWS it was very foolish of him to get Roman Cechmanek's name and number on the back of his jersey! Did you still follow his career after he went back to the Czech league Jets96? Wow, what a playoff performer!

Swift Current Broncos concept (by Alan)
It would be hilarious is fans showed up to a Broncos' (WHL) game and then were informed that it was "My Little Pony" night! Imagine if they tried to auction off the jerseys at the end of the game for charity?!?! The highest bid would be $1.13 from a little girl and her friends!
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flyersfan4888 said...

The Swift Current Ponies jersey....kill it. Kill it with fire. xD

Tommy Gentile said...


Kevin said...

hold on hold on hold on...why does everyone have so much hate for the Flyers 3D jersey and the Bi-Polar Goaler!?

Ryan said...

@Kevin: Just look at his playoff stats. End of story.

Kevin said...

I know, thats why we had Robert Esche and Brian Boucher replace him. Him and James VanBeisbrouck were horrendous for us

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Kevin I actually love the flyers jersey, it was just, foolish because the flyers had such nice jerseys to begin with

Anonymous said...

I like the Flyers 3D jerseys. I don't understand why the fans hate them so much. It's not like they drastically changed the logo.
Being from Colorado I gotta say the Avs Tebow uniform is nauseating. I don't hate Tebow but I think he got way more hype than necessary.I'm hoping that Landeskog will replace him in popularity now that Tebow is gone.

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