WHA Entries, Rangers, Wild, and More

ColorWerx has begun to post official NHL team logos and all of their variations. Today's team was the LA Kings. Go check them out. There was one logo on there, the "Secondary Mark #3 - embroidered version" that I haven't seen before. It's just a simplified version of the purple crown logo, but looking at the alternate jersey the full version seems to be there. I will assume that the simplified logo is on the pants.

I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to get some HJC hockey jerseys made. I know I want one, however it isn't cheap to just have one custom jersey made and most places require a minimum order. I was wondering if any readers would SERIOUSLY purchase a HJC jersey and how much you would be willing to pay for it?

 COTW Mar 5-11 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

WHA ReDesign Entries 

San Diego Mariners (by Brian R.)
Indianapolis Racers (by Chris Z.)
Cleveland Crusaders (by Ross)
Los Angeles Sharks (by Stephen T.)


New York Rangers concepts (by Stephen T.)
Stephen has altered the collars and cut of the Rangers' jerseys. He's also used the darker colours from the 3rd jersey. Good work here, the only major issue I see is the Reebok tag on the back collar of the white jersey. It should be white font on a blue tag.

Brandon Wheat Kings concepts (by Jesper)
I like the jersey striping a lot on the home and road sweaters. To me, the alternate could use something around the hem area. For Jesper's 1st contribution it's pretty good, but next time it could use TV numbers.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Caz)
While the Wild do have 3 nice looking sweaters, the biggest issue for most people is that there is no continuity between the jerseys. This is Caz's solution, which I am almost in full support of except for changing the current alternate to a wheat version.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by MasonII)
The home and road concepts here are pretty classic designs that we have seen before, but they do suit the Wild's identity well. The alternate isn't my favourite. I find the red on the arms too bright and distracting.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Mazzz)
I think the jersey striping here is great, but as you guys know I will never be a fan of the Blues' logo in white. The Predators' numbers fit this jersey better than they fit their own! The white gloves are a little too flashy for my tastes, but overall this is a really good concept!

Alma Warriors concepts (by Jari)
This is a concept team that Jari has created. Something like this for an established team usually wouldn't be for me, but I really like the creativity of these jerseys! The colours look great together and the stripes and curves on the jerseys are fantastic. COTW nom from me.
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Roger said...


What price would you charge for said jerseys?

Ryan said...

I have yet to even look into how much it would cost to have them made. That's why I was asking you guys if you would buy one? If yes, then how much would you pay for it?


Justin said...

Depending on price, and look, I would seriously consider purchasing one. RinkGear.com makes some awesome jerseys! They typically make PuckDrawn's winners jerseys and they always come out great. I've also seen them work with some sites and have contests to design the jersey(s) with the winner getting a free one.I just thought I would share that with you if you were considering having some made.

stlsnake1985 said...

So you're saying that we could have one of our concepts actually made? Could it be an existing team or does it have to be made up?

Ryan said...

I want to make an HJC jersey, not concepts.

stlsnake1985 said...

Oh OK. Justin, you said that RinkGear.com makes custom jerseys? Do you know if they could do concepts?

Sam Overgaauw said...

i might get one but i would want to see what it looks like first

Roger said...

i'd say $75 to $100 depending on the design.

stlsnake1985 said...

Hey I was wondering, where can you get goalie pad templates?

Ryan said...


winnipegjets96 said...

all depends on what the jersey will look like, but i'd deffinatly want to order one if these hjc jerseys were available, oh and mazzz for COTW

stlsnake1985 said...

OK thanks!

Brian said...

jari for cotw

Alan John Herbert said...

@Ryan: I would pay $100 bucks for that to happen!

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