Week of March 12-18, 2012

The next competition here at HJC is a WHA ReDesign!!! It starts right now, so be sure to go check out the WHA COMP page for all of the rules and details. The other option was to re-design the "untouchable" teams, but Stéphane made a good point last week. With the re-branding competition going on at PuckDrawn, I didn't want to step on any toes or interfere with that. We will do that competition another time.

The Concept of the Week nominees have been announced and are listed on the side of the page. Click on that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the nominated concepts. Committee Members can now begin voting on that.
COTW Mar 5-11 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Winter Classic concepts (by Paul Z.)
Paul has decided to go with nearly exact replicas for his Classic concepts. I think they might be a bit too plain to sell well, but I do prefer the Wings concept to the Leafs one. The Leafs concept needs some work with the hem stripes and the vertical stitching (refer to the tutorials). The Wings' logo also looks a little stretched out.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Matt V.)
I'm not a fan of the addition of the light blue from the 3rd jersey here, but I do like that it adds some "Miami brightness" to the sweaters. Some more colours tweaks and I think this could be on the right track. It has the potential to reach the new Miami Marlins connection to the city.

Philadelphia [?] Flyers concepts (by Kevin)
The Kings are sometimes being referred to as "Philly West", obviously because of their newer players. Kevin goes right ahead and mashes up their jerseys, while expressing his displeasure with some of the Kings' players social life choices.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Spirit104)
I like this, but I worry that the fleur de lis at the hem in the side panels would get "lost" under the players' gloves. Or by players who tuck their sweater in. I like the double arm stripes, but I think the outline on the numbers and NOB should be of the same thickness.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by HJC)
I modified the Nordiques logo I posted last week and used it as a shoulder patch here. The jersey stripes are based on the 1973 WHA Nordiques sweaters. I really tried to go retro, simple, and classy here.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by MasonII)
Mason offers this up as a possible Hawks 3rd jersey. I like this classic striping pattern and always will. The shoulder patch appear upside down on the front left sleeve and back right sleeve.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by John T.)
I think the jersey striping is great on these concepts. The primary crest choice, not as great. I would have preferred the typical logo. With these two, it seems as if you've used two shield logos and it lacks some character. I like the star on the back hem, but I don't think it works on the helmet. The final small note is that the background here is a little too busy and starts to interfere with the concepts. Really good work though.
Week of March 12-18, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on March 12, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Ryan's (HJC's?) Nordiques for COTW! I rarely fall in love with a concept at first look, but this one went straight to my ex-nords fan heart!

A simple change I would make though: on the shoulder patch (which is very interesting), I would write "Nordiques DU Québec" instead of "Nordiques DE Québec". The use of DE makes them the team of the city, while the use of DU makes them the province's team. Since the patch use the province's flag, I think DU would be more appropriate. For those who are not familiar with Canadian geography, a province is like a state in the US.

Justin said...

I second Ryan's Nordiques for COTW! It's a great looking design and the alternate logo is a good improvement. Solid work!

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