Wednesday's Concepts

Thanks to everyone who has left feedback on what type of competition to start next week. It has been narrowed down to two possibilities. We will do either a WHA ReDesign or an "Untouchable" team ReDesign. Anymore feedback on what you guys would like to do would be great!

Here are your voting reminders for the week:
COTW-February vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Feb 27-Mar 4 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Toronto Marlies concept (by HJC)
With this concept I tried to tie the Leafs and Marlies closer together by adding the hem stripes and altering the Marlies' logo. The old Leafs script, which the Marlies kept, continues to be used on this concept.

Cleveland Barons concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 came up with what he thinks the Barons would look like if they were still around today. It looks like the white jersey has remained relatively unchanged. Jets96 has made the red darker though, I like that. I also agree that the old AHL Barons logo would make a reappearance in this "retro age".

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Mazzz)
I like that Mazzz has put the "LOS ANGELES" back on the hem. Unfortunately, the logos look too pixelated, especially the KINGS script on the helmet. I do like the collar choice, that fits the Kings name well.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Sam O.)
A grey jersey for the Avs? I think that could work. I also think this could work even better with sprinklings of white. White added in the logos, in between the stripes, and in between the numbers and their outlines would really look great.

Florida Panthers concept (by Spirit104)
Yesterday, we had something like this from Dave C. On Spirit's concept he uses hem stripes. I also think this is a good look. What about a yellow outline on the yoke, do you think it's needed?

Team Slovakia concept (by Bobby P.)
I think this one is the best of Bobby's international concepts. I think the yoke detail is really well done. In fact, the whole concept is really well executed. The only thing I don't like is the white pants, but I accept that Bobby tried something out of the box.

All-Star Game concepts (by Avi)
You may have seen these on Icethetics a couple of weeks ago. I usually like the AHL ASG unis and I don't usually care for the NHL ones. Avi does a great job combining what is awesome about the American League's jerseys with what is good about the NHL's game. COTW nom from me!
Wednesday's Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on March 07, 2012 Rating: 5


cody said...

sam for COTW! man that looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven Grant said...

second Avi fow COTW

Jeff R. said...

bobby's slovakia for COTW. love that yoke design!!

DCamp said...

I agree that Sam O's Avs concept is headed in the right direction. I am thinking a darker shade of grey and Ryan's suggestion of more white. Good job.

Elias R. said...

Second bobby's slovakia

Ryan said...

Jets96 seconded Sam for COTW, but I accidentally deleted it.

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