A Wednesday & Thursday Post Crammed Into One Post

I'm feeling much better today. If it were a Game 7 I'd be playing for sure. All-Star Game? I would probably skip that...

I'm going to post what I would have posted yesterday, today. I will also post what I was going to post today as well. In fairness, I will allow you to nominate TWO concepts for COTW if you wish. However, you may only nominate ONE concept from each day.

Barring any ties, the COTW-February vote should start tomorrow because today is the last day to vote for COTW Feb 20-26. As usual, here are the ongoing vote reminders.

Vote Reminders:
COTW Feb 20-26 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
St. Louis Blues ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)



Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Jeremy T.)
Jeremy has Edge-ified the old Pens jersey. The chest stripe needs to go over top of the vertical stitching of the jersey. Also, the yellow outline on the numbers doesn't match the gold used on the jersey.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Caz)
I love the idea of a grey jersey, but I don't think this one is best for the Stars. I do like the striping going on at the hem stitching. That's an idea we haven't seen before.

San Jose Sharks concept (by Mazzz)
Mazzz has added the orange trim and the newer marks to the original Sharks jersey. Interestingly, the jersey cut appears to be a hybrid between the Nike Swift jerseys and the Reebok Edge jerseys.

New Jersey Devils concepts (by Stephen T.)
Stephen has replaced red on the original sweaters with black. These are nearly perfectly executed except for the lack of outline for the logo on the black jersey. I guess you could call these "retro black ice" sweaters?

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Spirit104)
This is perfectly executed, but I'm not digging the old Blue Jays font arched over the leaf logo. This looks like a beer league sweater for a team of Leafs fans.

AT&T Center - Detroit concept (by HJC)
The Joe isn't terribly old, but much like SkyDome in Toronto it has become one of those arenas that was built just prior to the "modern stadium age". This is my idea for a new Red Wings arena. Lower bowl is split by a walkway that goes all the way around. Upper bowl is broken into 4 sections and is divided by the 2nd level private boxes.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Michael L.)
The home and road aren't my favourites, but they do seem to be well executed. I really think that green 3rd has a lot of potential though! Well done.

Quebec Remparts concepts (by Alan)
This is the QMJHL team that Patrick Roy coaches. The castle detail on the arms, hem and yokes is nicely done. It gives them a unique look while staying within the typical boundaries that make up a good hockey sweater. COTW nom from me.



I'm thinking that a good idea for the next competition is a HJC Jersey Design Comp? What do you guys think? Would you like to do another NHL team instead?

Ottawa Senators concept (by Stephen T.)
I sort of understand what Stephen is trying to do here, but logically that patch wouldn't work. When the jersey is worn half of the patch would slip under the player's arm.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Deferoiler)
Unfortunately the logo here has been stretched far too wide and has become skewed and blurred. This also needs some TV numbers.

Boston Bruins concept (by Mazzz)
Another Nike/Reebok hybrid from Mazzz. Usually I don't find this logo to be proper as the primary crest, but it seems to work for me today. It would be great to see the Bruins use something like this as a new and better 3rd jersey.

Hartford Whalers concept (by Spirit104)
Perfectly executed concept here by Spirit. I like the arm and hem stripes. Perhaps the blue yokes would be even better with a double outline or grey and white? Nice concept overall.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by GKennedy)
I really like both of these concepts! I think the same colour player numbers would work better on the blue jersey if the white outline was thicker. It would make them stand out more. I do like that idea though on a 3rd jersey or something. COTW nom from me!

Barys Astana KHL concepts (by Torin)
I like the arm stripe design that continues into the cuffs. Especially for a Russian league jersey. I can over look the NOB being in english, but the loose pixels around the logo on the white jersey are hard to ignore. Otherwise, good concepts.

Seattle Metropolitans (by John T.)
The shades of the red and green being used remind me way to much of Christmas. Also, the amount of stripes on the arms make me think of candy canes. I think if the red were blue, these would be really good concepts. Actually, they are good but the colours aren't.
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T said...

COTW votes
Wednesday: Alan
Thursday: Spirit 104

Kris said...

GKennedy for COTW (Thursday) I had a similar concept going but he beat me to it. Damn!

Alan John Herbert said...

COTW Wednesday: HJC
COTW Thursday: Mazzz

Anonymous said...

I am sure the Toronto Blue Jays would have something to say about a Leafs jersey with their text on it for sure.

Anonymous said...

COTW: Seattle Mets by John T !

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