Tuesday's Concepts

As promised yesterday, here are the full results for the St. Louis Blues ReDesign voting.
Thanks for participating. What do you guys want to do next as a competition?

Vote reminders:
COTW-February vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Feb 27-Mar 4 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

I'm at my final Leafs game of the season tonight. Leafs vs Bruins, should be a good one!


Boston Bruins concept (by Rylen)
Rylen uses 3 shades of brown along with yellow in this concept. Usually I would be adamantly against that, but somehow it seems to be working on this fauxback. The only note is the TV number on the back of the jersey is upside down.

Boston Bruins concept (by Tex)
Tex creates this Edge-ified Bruins throwback jersey. The big wide numbers with no NOB looks great. It would be nice to see this 4-5 times in a season, just like the Canucks did with their 40th anniversary jersey. Awesome execution as always Tex.

Team Russia concepts (by Bobby P.)
I like the white jersey better than the red. I also think the yellow is too prominent. Used as an even smaller trim colour would be better. I like that Bobby put the NOB in Russian. Nice touch!

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Torin)
These WHA throwback jerseys with the new crest are great! Although I think I'd like to see the stripes be thicker. The current shoulder patches might also add a little bit of life to these jerseys.

Original 6 concepts (by Stephen T.)
Stephen has an idea for a series of outdoor games between the Original 6. Nicely executed jerseys Stephen, except I don't care for the NHL Vintage logo used as shoulder patches on the Wings jersey.

Team Sweden concepts (by Bobby P.)
I think everything here is great except for the Coyotes font that is used. I think a standard block font, or something like that but thicker, would be better. The logo inside the circle looks really good, in my opinion.

Swift Current Broncos concepts (by Dustin)
Dustin has used the current logo with the home and road sweaters of the mid 80's to 90's. The alternate is a green fauxback, which looks pretty cool and classic. In fact, the whole set looks really good. Hockey sweaters just seems to look good in blue and green, for the most part. Nice job here Dustin.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Dave C.)
To me, this is a perfect Panthers jersey set! They're based on Djurgårdens of the Swedish league. The red jersey has the yellow trim which seems to be needed on the current version. The white looks great and is a nice compliment to the red one. The blue alternate follows the same striping pattern, but the logo gives it enough of a different look to be a good alternate to the home and road. COTW nom from me!
Tuesday's Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on March 06, 2012 Rating: 5


MMcG said...

Panthers concepts are nice - but I still like jerseys with hem stripes.

I bet those would look as good, if not better with hem stripes to match the arm stripes.

Anonymous said...

Next comp? Two things I'd like come to mind:

1. A "redesign the untouchables", where we would have to rethink the wardrobe of a team whose uniform is untouchable (original six for example) without using any existing piece of stuff they own;

2. Or a WHA rebirth like Cody suggested, where we'd keep the names and cities, but we would not be allowed to use any existing material from the WHA era.

Can't decide on which one... The Habs are depressing me lately... Think I'll be a Sens supporter in the series this year.

DCamp said...

I like the WHA idea but what about a Team Canada Redesign? Yzerman just named the boss, brings up the question: Will the NHL play in Russia?

spirit104 said...

I like the "untouchables" idea! It's interesting.

Alan John Herbert said...

Dustin got my vote for COTW!

John Turcotte said...

I like a WHA team rebirth concept. Also, a mandatory template (I'd choose Boston WC !) to redesign any NHL team. Thanks for those who nominated me for COTW :-)

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