Thursday's Concepts

Today is the last day for both votes ongoing here at HJC. A complete rundown is below.
COTW-February vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Feb 27-Mar 4 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Next week a new competition will begin. It will be either an "Untouchable" team ReDesign or a WHA ReDesign. Be sure to let your voice be heard in the comments as to what you would like to do. I'm also getting some emails on the subject as well!


Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Spirit104)
To me, the concept lacks the one thing that makes the Flyers great...orange! There's too much white and not enough orange here. As usual though Spirit, really well executed.

Boston Bruins concept (by Brady)
Brady has Edge-ified the 90's Bruins' alternate. He's also added the logo found on the current alternate. This is nearly perfect execution, but the yellow in the logo is not the same as the yellow used on the jersey.

Pittsburgh Penguins logo concept (by Martin)
I always can appreciate when people take the time to draw their own logos. That being said, this one isn't my favourite. I think a more streamlined font, rather than a hand drawn one, would have been better. Also, it looks as if the penguin has a tumor which is growing into the "P" in Pens.

Tampa Bay Force Lightning concept (by Nevill)
In completely untrue news, it looks as if the Emperor's purchase and renaming of the Tampa Bay Lightning has gone through. In typical Emperor fashion, he has used his own face as the team's logo. I guess we all have to cheer for Tampa now though, or else we'll get thrown out a window with the Force.

Toronto Marlies concept (by D3troit1388)
This is a really nicely executed AHL Outdoor Classic concept! I would be completely happy if the Marlies wore something like this for next season's game. In fact, I would seriously consider purchasing it.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by HJC)
I was trying to change the Nordiques colours and found it very hard to get away from the typical powder blue. So, I combined the new darker blue with the usual colours and created this concept.

Washington Capitals concept (by Brian B.)
This is an awesome concept! Brian calls it a "Heritage Fauxback", which I think is a perfect name. Great use of the unused logo and the stars that go down the sleeves to the throwback arm stripes are also perfect! No question, this gets a COTW nom from me!
Thursday's Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on March 08, 2012 Rating: 5


Kris said...

Brian for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

Brady for COTW

Elias R. said...

Second brady for COTW

Brian said...

Nevill's Lightning for COTW

Tommy Gentz said...

Nevil's lighting made me laugh waaay to hard!!! And even better, it was a really well done concept. The strips gave it an Empire feel and although I am not a fan of the logo, it still looks like a decent amount of effort was put in to make it. COTW for you good sir
And Ryan, a really good adaptations from the Nordics. Glad to see some originality with that franchise. Would it be possible to see a road jersey anytime soon? and also nitpicking, I feel like the font for the numbers is too skinny and would be better with the Blue Jackets Alt. COTW regardless man good job.

Ryan said...

@Tommy: You can only nominate 1 concept per post.

John Turcotte said...

WHA re-design !

Button said...

Hey Ryan,

just one comment about the Nords shoulder patch...

"de Quebec" works when referring to the City of Quebec. However, some Nords fans (who, like myself, also hate the Habs) would prefer "du Quebec" because that would be referring to the entire province, suggesting that Nords Nation represents and unites the entire province.

Just some food for thought.

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