Things Seem to be Picking Up

It's has seemed a little slow for the last few weeks here on HJC, but things seem to be picking up now. My inbox is filling up with more concepts and HJC is rolling now.

The run-off poll for the HJC jersey primary logo ends TONIGHT at 11:59pm EST. I have changed my mind (again) about how we are going to create this jersey. We will now have a HJC Jersey contest! However, don't start making concepts yet. There will be rules and guidelines which depend on the results of the primary logo poll.

COTW March 19-25 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Brian B's Jersey Collection
Okay, it's not so much of a collection, rather just one jersey. Brian is very proud of his Habs jersey though. So proud in fact, that he sent me this really dark and grainy photo of it! Hopefully, you can add to this "collection" Brian. Get a $20 Buffa-slug jersey HERE. Or maybe you have $70,000 for a game worn Bobby Orr 1976-77 Hawks jersey?

Seattle Sonics concepts (by Tommy G.)
I like the sweaters and colours, but I just can't get past the fact that I know that the Sonics were a basketball team and that the same logos have be used (minus any basketball imagery). Also, if you can't angle the TV numbers properly for this template I would strongly suggest that you don't use it.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by NB14)
Here's a rule of thumb that everyone should abide by; don't colour your background the same colour as your jersey (unless it's white). This isn't a great concept as it just looks like spaces have been treated with the fill tool. Make sure to not un-coloured pixels at the tip of the collar and inside the Reebok wordmark. The details are what make good concepts. Refer to the TUTORIALS on the side of the page for all that info.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Brandon C.)
We've seen Ducks concepts based on the old alternate jersey before. So, I will focus on the execution, which is really good here! No loose pixels around any of the logos and the numbers are properly placed. That collar may be the only good thing the Atlanta Thrashers ever gave us.

Baltimore Bandits concepts (by Chuckie)
The Bandits were an AHL team for a couple of seasons. Chuckie brings them back here using the logo of the minor league baseball team, the Quad Cities River Bandits. I actually like these colours on that generic Reebok striping pattern. There are a lot of fonts out there which could be used to make one's own "B" logo, so in my opinion using the iconic B of the Red Sox was a bad choice.

Oshawa Generals concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.
COTW nomination from me!

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Brandon C.)
The over-sized yokes, that the Bruins use, don't work for me on this concept. The double stripes are cool though. I know the NOB would interfere, but I don't like the relocation of the Reebok wordmark to the front of the jerseys.

Team Finland concepts (by Caz)
I love these. This is Caz's bets work so far! I think the flag pattern on the front is great and the fact that it stops on the sides and doesn't interfere with the player number and NOB is well done. The only thing that I don't understand is, what is "SISU" on the sleeve stripes?

Sarnia Sting concept (by Thomas L.)
Nice classic design here for the Sting's 3rd jersey competition. Maybe a white yoke outline would have improved this concept even more? Also, it appears that the shoulder patches have not been evenly placed on both sides.

Ottawa 67's concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.
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MMcG said...

Awesome Oshawa Generals work!

Question - should the 75th anniversary jersey also get a lace collar, or maybe a round collar like an old hockey sweater?

The other jerseys feature that lace collar - so why wouldn't it be logical for the 75th anniversary jersey to as well (unless that jersey the new one is based on was a v-neck).

Caz Williams said...


"Sisu" is a Finnish word that roughly translates to mean "courage" or "force of will," but doesn't really have a real equivalent in the English language. This "force of will" is very important in Finnish culture. Maybe this can explain it better: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisu

Kris said...

Kevin's Ottawa 67's concept for COTW.

Bobby TMG said...

I wish that there was more black on the white sweater and vice-versa on the Bandit's concepts. Anyone else's thoughts?

Avi said...

second kevin's 67's for cotw

Ryan said...

@Caz: Thanks for the info! Feel free to include that info on your concepts if you wish.

Tex said...

Kevins Oshawa is outstanding, COTW nomination from me

Kevin said...

Wow! Thank you all, glad to see people enjoy my CHL makeover!

@MMcG because of the Edge-Cut thats the style I use as the basic for the collar. And as for the 75th Anniversary jersey, I do research on teams when I want to give them a commemorative jersey and after looking through Oshawa's history, the actual jersey the 75th jersey is based on did not have laces so thats why I left them off that jersey

Anonymous said...

@Brian B: I love your jersey collection. ;-)

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