A HJC Jersey?

Yesterday, I started a discussion about the possibility of creating HJC jerseys to put on sale. I asked you guys (and continue to ask) would you SERIOUSLY purchase a HJC jersey and how much would you pay? Some of the responses that came back said the amount they would pay would depend on what the jersey looked like. Fair enough. So, essentially I'm going to act like an NHL team and you guys are going to be the focus group. With your help, I'll try to create a jersey that a good portion of people will like and want to buy. The concept below is our starting point. Feel free to leave comments and/or email me.

Today is the last day to vote for COTW March 5-11. Again, voter participation has been low, as only 5 votes have been cast. It's okay if people have lost interest in voting, it just means I will have to scale back all of the voting and perhaps change the COTW/COTY.
COTW Mar 5-11 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

WHA ReDesign Entries

Chicago Cougars (by Alan)
Houston Aeros (by HJC)
Chicago Cougars (by Stéphane)
Toronto Toros (by GKennedy)
Ottawa Nationals (by HJC)
Philadelphia Blazers (by Stéphane)


Guelph Storm concepts (by Thomas M.)
This is Thomas' first contribution to HJC and they are for the Guelph Storm of the OHL and they're meant as Memorial Cup jerseys. I like the idea of special "Mem Cup" jerseys. These need some adjustments though. Such as, It think the stripes on the hem should also be on the arms and the player numbers could use an outline. These also need a NOB, but it's a good start. Keep working at it.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Kris L.)
Kris uses the old AHL's Lowell Devils' logo, but has modified it to use a "D" instead of a "L". He's also used a black version of the Devils' jerseys. I like it all except for the shoulder patches, which to me clutter up the jersey.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Mazzz)
This is intended as a Winter Classic jersey, but if the Avs do play in a classic I personally don't want to see them wear anything Nordiques. This as a Nordiques concept is pretty good, but my choice would be to lose the chest stripe.

Boston Bruins concept (by Bobby)
This is based on the 1955-57 sweater. Bobby has re-coloured the current logo nicely and has used the current team font on the back. Overall, a really nice Edge-ification! The Providence Bruins actually wear this sweater, with a few tweaks, as a 3rd jersey.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Brady)
I really like these jerseys, however they seem more like 3rd jerseys or specialty jerseys for the AHL. Maybe that's me just being too conservative? The execution is great and the idea behind these is stellar. Awesome work Brady!

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Matt M.)
This week we have talked about the Wild having some continuity with their sweaters and keeping their classic look. I think these do that nicely. I like the curve on the arm stripes, while at the same time not being an obvious Reebok design feature. My only super small change would be to switch the colours of the laces and collar insert on the green jersey. COTW nom from me!
A HJC Jersey? Reviewed by Ryan on March 15, 2012 Rating: 5


Sam Overgaauw said...

i like the logo on the hjc jersey just maybe too many stripes (just my opinion)

Ryan said...

That's good, I'm looking for opinions. What team's stripes would you like to see this modeled after?

Scott Markiewicz said...

maybe model them after the Rangers/Bruins/Blackhawks stripes. Classic look.

D3troit1388 said...

The HJC Jersey looks good!

Ryan said...

Also guys, remember that I still want to know if you would SERIOUSLY purchase one and for how much...


Tyler said...

I would probably buy one depending on quality and just wondering what would be on the back. Would It be blak or what?

Kyle C. said...

Matt M. COTW seconded

Kris said...

I didn't modify the logo, I took it from the Devils Den, the team's fan club. It's on the page of Devils logos from sportslogos.net

Brian said...

Ryan, have you thought about pitching my HJC concept jersey to see if it would generate any possible sales?

Ryan said...

Will do.

winnipegjets96 said...

Maybe a HJC Jersey Concept Contest would be cool, but this concept is cool, the logo is perfect.

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