HJC Jersey Logo & Full WHA Divisional Results

The poll to determine the primary logo that will be on the HJC jersey has concluded. That logo can be seen below.

The process is not over yet. A shoulder patch needs to be chosen for the jersey. A poll will begin for that on Monday. If you have an idea for a good shoulder patch to go with this logo, please send it in before Monday at noon Eastern time.

Here's a look at the results of that poll.
And just for reference, here's a look at all of the options.


The WHA ReDesign vote is not over yet. HJC Voting Committee Members can vote now in the WHA Final vote (WHA COMP page) between Brady (Whalers) vs. Matt M. (Racers). However, here are the full results of the WHA Divisional votes.



There was enough negative feedback on the logo that received the most votes that I have decided to place the top 4 vote-getters in a new run-off poll. This poll can be found on the HJC JERSEY page, you only choose ONE logo, and it will end on Wednesday @ 11:59pm EST.
HJC Jersey Logo & Full WHA Divisional Results Reviewed by Ryan on March 24, 2012 Rating: 5


Avi said...

ryan, is this the absolute final logo that will be used? there are some imperfections that could be fixed on it

Ryan said...

Yes, this is the final primary logo. It's a re-colouring of the LA Kings logo. What do you see?

Brian said...

It looks too much like a home plate in baseball. And for some odd reason, the crossed sticks and puck make me think of baseball even more.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Avi and Brian. I think the colors don't work with the LA's shield style. And if Brian sees baseball in it, I see golf...

Justin said...

I really like it. I feel like just "HJC" couldn't stand by itself and out of all of the actual logos, this one would look best on a jersey. That's just my oppinion though.

Anonymous said...


You see golf? Funny, it doesn't look like a Leafs logo to me. Sorry Ryan, I had to haha

Ryan said...


Avi said...

i personally like this logo, but here are my thoughts on what could be fixed:

-make the red border on the logo proportional all around (it is off on some parts

-fix the sticks, they just look weird

-maybe make the puck look more like a puck

i think if someone went back and re-did this in illustrator, it would look a lot better

Ryan said...

Have at it Avi.

How did the logo with the most votes become so hated?

Steven Grant said...

This logo is just a rip-off of the kings logo, I think a HJC jersey should be way more original. When I first saw the options this was my least favourite logo and it still is.

Sorry to sound so negative but I think this is the wrong move.

Ryan said...

Most of you seem not to like it. How did it get the most votes? Where are the people who voted for it?

Brandon C said...

I voted for it because I like the Kings logo and I liked it with HJC in it too.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous: I said golf, so I meant Canadiens... (sorry myself, it was even easier than with the Leafs)

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan: To be real honest - and don't take it hard, it's just a comment and I search for my words in english really hard! - I think it's not the best logo that won, only the "least worst"... The color scheme is really hard to work with (dark with a very small contrast, no white to make it a little more vivid), and having to insert the lettering "as is" is very limitative on the creative front. Sorry to be direct, but I think it's this way.

Maybe you should think of an HJC complete redesign contest, leaving the blog's color scheme and logo up to the participants, and then adapt it to a jersey that could sell. Personally, the color scheme turn me off and it's the main reason I won't buy a jersey. And don't think I need the Habs colors to be happy, I also have a Bruins one because they have what is maybe the best color scheme in the league.

But then again, your blog, your stuff, your decision.

Ryan said...

What do you guys think of this updated logo by Aston?


Justin said...

I really like it and it got my vote, but I think it may have gotten a lot because we voted for our top 3. I think if there are so many dislikes, there should be a re-vote with people voting for the one and only one they want. Also, people need to give some insight into what exactly they want if they'll be purchasing these jerseys.

And I also agree with @Stephane. There really isn't much to work from with what we have.

Just a few thoughts.

Justin said...

The puck looks good on Astons but the sticks just look weird in my opinion. I like them clean and simple.

Also @Ryan, since this will ultimately be your decision and since this is your site, do you like the logo? Or what would you like to see?

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan: better, still doesn't connect with the colors.

Ryan said...

I do like the logo. I like it even better with Aston's puck, but with the current sticks.

@Stephane: I understand you (and probably others) don't like the colours and that's fine. I don't see them changing though.

However, I am open to ideas if you want to send some in...that goes for everyone.

Steven Grant said...

I kind of agree with Stéphane that this was the most popular logo of a sub-par group, but for a different reasonthan him. I actually don't mind the colour scheme or font. Here's what I think of each logo:
1. Doesn't look good with such a short name.
2. Good logo but better suited for a shoulder patch.
3. Too similar to AHL logo.
4. Since its my idea I don't mind it, but some people wont like it because it is like the Rangers.
5. I like it, but the font doesn't curve with the circle very well.
6. I think this would be great for a shoulder patch (although I don't like how it's the shape from the NHL logo).
7. Not my favourite, something about the way it curves looks off to me.
8. Too similar to NHL logo.
9. Too similar to KHL logo.
10. Okay logo, but would be better for a shoulder patch.
11. Looks great, but would it work on a jersey without a chest-stripe?
12. Not good at all, too similar to kings logo which I don't even like it on the kings.

This is just my opinion, but I'm not getting a jersey, so listen to the people getting a jersey more than me.

Just saw the updated logo, the pucks better but I agree that the new sticks are worse.

Aston Blom said...

I'm leaning towards suggesting the primary logo to consist of the HJC wordmark only, using the idea with the sticks just for the shoulder patch.

The problem with the sticks in the current logo, as I see it, is the bottom angle of the crest. If this was sharper the sticks would fit in better and look more natural.

I don't see the colour palette causing any issues. A logo should work well using only one colour.

John Turcotte said...

My favorite logo for a primary crest is #10 (classic and modern too) and #2 as an alternate for the shoulders. The LA shield is too similar and less creative and less original than some others, in my opinion.

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