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I've opened up the poll for the HJC jersey logo. You can go check it out on the HJC JERSEY page. Vote for your top 3 favourite logos that you want used as the primary crest on the HJC jersey.

If you've been to the TEMPLATES page, you will know that there is a template on there called "AHL 3rd Jersey Template". These are jerseys that are actually made by SP Apparel, but they are forced/made an agreement to place Reebok's logos and tags on the sweaters and make it appear as though they are Reebok jerseys. If you would like to place SP Apparel logos on there (as the ECHL and CeHL do), then Matt M. has been kind enough to provide these Paint friendly logos for our use.


Detroit Red Wings concept (by Jeremy T.)
This is nearly a red version of the Wings' 2009 Classic sweater. First thing I noticed was the loose pixels around the logo. Next, the thin cuffs at the end of the sleeves should be either red or vintage white, not true white. I like the "HockeyTown" somewhere on the jersey, but I think it would be better if it were sublimated in a darker red and placed somewhere "hidden".

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Spirit104)
I have always liked this idea for a Blue Jackets jersey. It's based on the home socks they wear. It also might be too safe and boring for some though. The small thing I would change would be to make the collar laces blue or white, not grey.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Mazzz)
Very interesting idea with the yoke/arm outline. I think it would look cool if it extended to the other side of the yoke as well. Just the yoke, not down the arm on the other side. The whole image looks a little pixelated, but Mazzz is on his way to fixing that. I'm definitely not a fan of the logo down on the hem.

Oklahoma City Barons concepts (by Roger)
These are so close to perfect except Roger chose to cut off the arm stripes with the sleeves. I love that alternate. It's a cool variation on the Oilers' jerseys. A couple of issues though. The home sweater doesn't have TV numbers and the road and alternate's TV numbers say that the player is #02.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Dave C.)
Here is Dave's entry into the Sarnia Sting's 3rd jersey competition. I really like the honeycomb pattern on the side panels and in the arm stripes! I also think using the Wild's font was a good choice here. I'm not really a fan of the wordmark for the shoulder patches, but overall a good jersey here.

DEG Metro Stars Deutsche Eishockey Liga concept (by Jose)
This looks pretty good, but it appears that it would be cluttered up by a lot of ads. The logo that Jose has used, from what I can tell, is taken from a team fan club. On an unrelated note, check out their cool looking arena, the ISS Dome.

Winter Classic concepts (by Alan)
For the Classic, Alan wants to keep it fairly simple as far as the sweaters go. Which is what both of these teams like to do when it comes to such matters. He keeps the Wings in their typical red home's and uses the white version of the Leafs' 3rd jersey. No complaints from me. These two teams would have to try really hard to make the 2013 Winter Classic look bad, from a jersey point of view.
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Unknown said...

the logo of the DEG jersey is from a band called "die Totesn Hosen" wich supported the team in struggling times.

Ryan said...

Thanks. I couldn't read German and I'm not a fast learner, but I thought I had found the logo on a fan club website. Upon reflection, that was probably the band's site.

Justin said...

Haha thats weird just last night I was creating a honey combs for my Sarnia jersey.

Just a quick question @Ryan. Why was my (or your edited version) circle logo not considered in the vote? Is it going to be used as a shoulder patch?

Ryan said...

@Justin: Yes. I think your logo is perfect for a shoulder patch.

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