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The winner of the COTW March 19-25 vote is Matt M. with his Pittsburgh Penguins concepts! You can see those concepts on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of the vote are below...and it was a blowout.
Matt M. - 6
Mazzz - 2
Kyle C. - 1
Spirit104 - 0

My Buffa-slug jersey came today! As it turns out, they sent me an authentic! Here's a pic of the newest addition to my collection. If you're interested, you can see my jersey collection by clicking the banner on the side of the page. Also, if you have a jersey collection that you would like to share, take a pic and send it in.

If you have a jersey for the April Fool's Day post on Sunday, send it in. It may get posted.



Brian B.
Matt D.

If you plan on submitting an entry, make sure to read the entire HJC JERSEY page.


Winnipeg Jets concepts (by NB14)
Primary logos have been applied much better here. However, the jersey just looks like the fill tool has been taken to available spaces. Try some stripes or other designs instead of just big blocks of colours.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Ian)
I really think the home and road sweaters here look great. The D logo with the oval shoulder patches go well together. For the alternate, inspired by the mid-2000's alt, I would have gone with the retro logo from the oval shoulder patches as the primary crest. Then perhaps the D as the shoulder patches there.

Atlanta tribute concept (by Mazzz)
Mazzz tributes the city which has had 2 failed hockey clubs. The re-colouring of the Thrashers logo actually looks really cool. It might have worked if the Thrashers went in that direction with a jersey at some point.

HJC Concept (by Justin)
Justin sent this in when discussion first started a couple of weeks ago about a HJC jersey. I liked his shoulder patch so much that I included it in the shoulder patch options for the comp.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Tex)
We saw this blue concept from Tex sometime last week, but now he has included a white version. This is a really nice looking Vancouver set. Even better that their home and roads now.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Brandon C.)
The home and road jerseys are pretty cool, but I'm not sold on that alternate. This may be odd, but the one thing that I do really like about that alt is the collar colours choice. I think if the green and yellow were switched on the stripes I would like that alt more. Great execution though!

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Mason H.)
This is a great concept based on the home uniform of the Steelers. As is, this is cool. I think if you added another white stripe between the other two and used "Robo-Penguin" as a shoulder patch, then this would also be a cool look for the Penguins.

Plymouth Whalers concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.

Sarnia Sting concepts (by Dylan A.)
Dylan is considering all of these as a possible entry into the Sting's 3rd Jersey Competition. I'd say all 6 could probably win, depending on what the team is looking for. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be #1, #4, or #5. From those it would be tight, but I'd take #5. COTW nom from me!
COTW Winner Reviewed by Ryan on March 30, 2012 Rating: 5


Bobby P. said...

Not sure how you're gonna do this but Dylan's Sting set for COTW, and if you're only going to include one, then #5 for COTW.

Jeff Beckett said...

I really love that Vancouver Canucks set! It's awesome!
I don't like what they wear now (especially for the main crest with the "Vancouver" script and the uncommon name/number font), and this one would be a great choice for a replacement.

As for the Penguins one, I think it's really good as it is now, but it would look even better with the Robo-Penguin as the main crest.

Tex said...

Here We Go Steelers! Love that concept, COTW nom from me.

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Ryan, any psecifics for jersies to be sent in for sunday's post?

Ryan said...

Something foolish.

Justin said...

Tex for COTW! Not a huge fan of those logos as primaries but the jersey design looks great! Good work!

Anonymous said...

I like either Matt's HJC Jesey or Stephane's, but I'm leaning towards Stephan's.

Alan John Herbert said...

Tex got my vote for COTW!

Ricky Mazella said...

Sorry, but any Pittsburgh Penguins concept with that color gold (even if it were in baby blue) and striping will never be acceptable despite excellent execution by Matt Marczel.

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