COTW Winner? WHA Entries

In the March 5-11 COTW vote, we have a tie! There will now be a playoff vote between Brian's Capitals concept and Avi's All-Star Game concepts. The previous results are cleared, so if you voted already, you can still vote again for this playoff. The playoff vote ends on Sunday. Here are the results of the original vote.
Avi - 3
Brian B. - 3
John T. - 2
Justin - 1
Sam O. - 1

COTW Mar 5-11 Playoff vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)

There has been a lot of talk here over the last couple of days about having HJC jerseys made for purchase. Tomorrow at noon Eastern time, I will put up a post with a lot of concepts and ideas for a HJC jersey. For anyone who wants to send in a concept with their ideas please feel free to do so tonight. If you send it after tonight it won't make tomorrow's post. Remember, you are trying to design a jersey for EVERYONE, not just something you like. Below, will be the numbers and letters used on the jersey (if it is to be made).

I'm also making a list of people that are interested in hypothetically purchasing a jersey, assuming that it's priced between $65 - $100. If you do have an interest, please leave a comment or email me. You are not committing to ANYTHING at this point. You are just expressing serious interest in purchasing a HJC in the event that they are made.

Also, here are the official HJC colours and the logo I was using for my jersey concepts.

The font you see used at the top of the page is called "Alexandria" (bold) and can be downloaded HERE.

WHA ReDesign Entries

Chicago Cougars (by Aston)
Birmingham Bulls (by Jérémi H.)
Houston Aeros (by Roger)
Quebec Nordiques (by Bobby)
New England Whalers (by Brady)
Michigan Stags (by Brian R.)
New England Whalers (by D3troit1388)
Philadelphia Blazers (by Jérémi H.)


Vancouver Canucks concept (by Joseph R.)
I like the logo that appears on the sleeve. That's something that I think teams could do, seeing as it's only been done once...back in the 20's. The design of the jersey is different, but not too bad. Except for the white armpits, I'm not a fan of those. I like the different style of the captain's A, but that font doesn't appear anywhere else on the jersey. There's no connection to it, it just seems random.

Sarnia Sting concept (by Brian R.)
This is Brian's entry to the Sting for their fan designed 3rd jersey contest. The colours are cool, as I think a yellow 3rd jersey for the Sting is a good choice. However, this does seem to come across as just a re-coloured Ducks sweater. Have you entered yet? If so, send your concept to HJC as well!

Seattle Metropolitans concepts (by John T.)
John originally had this concept in green and red when I first posted it. He's changed it to go with Seattle' other sports teams, to green and blue. I think these look better, but I still think the amount of stripes on the arms and hem should be the same.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Matt M.)
Now that Buffalo no longer has a 3rd jersey (it was retired after Wednesday's game), the focus is solely on their home and roads. Matt has sent in what he would do to those jerseys. He's added cuffs and the old "B-sword" logo as a shoulder patch. I think his road white is perfect, but I would add more yellow to the home concept. I'd do that by making the numbers and cuffs yellow. Still great work here. Matt always sends in concepts that you can look to as examples of perfect execution.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Justin)
When Tampa revealed their new look last year a video also surfaced about the process of getting the final logo and look. In that video concept logos were shown. Justin has used those logos to create these concepts. I really like these jerseys. I like how Justin has used a yoke outline on the blue sweater which I think helps show off those great shoulder patches.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Colin)
This design from Colin is very unconventional, but I REALLY like it! I reminds me of Manon Rheaume's mask when she played the pre-season game for Tampa in 1992. I think everything about this one is really well done, right up to the re-colouring of the new logo. This would be a great 3rd jersey for the team. COTW nom from me!

Good news guys. If HJC jerseys get made, it seems as though I will be able to sell them for between $60-$75. This is not set in stone, but it is very probable!
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winnipegjets96 said...

Does it matter which template We use for the HJC concepts?

Ryan said...

I think a classic cut template might be best, but no it does not matter what you use.

stlsnake1985 said...

Nooooo! The Sabres seriously retired their 3rd's??? Where did you hear this?

stlsnake1985 said...

BTW AWESOME Lightning jersey Justin! The logo looks a little more like a college logo to me, but still very cool! I think these would be WAY better than The Flash logo they went with! COTW frome me!

Ryan said...

Icethetics retweeted Mike Harrington (@RNHarrington) a Sabres reporter who tweeted it after the game.

stlsnake1985 said...

Dang! I can't believe that! Those were beautiful jerseys. (My second favorite next to the Blues 3rd of course!) One of the only teams to have a true crossover/timeline style jersey. I guess I'll have to try and snag one before the price jumps up now that they're gonna be a collector's item! Anyone know if they're gonna replace them?

Elias R. said...

If it would be less than 80 I would definitely consider buying a jersey!

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