COTW & WHA Results

The winner of the WHA-East vote is Brady's New England Whalers concepts!
The winner of the WHA-West vote is Matt M's Indianapolis Racers concepts!
Brady's Whalers concepts will now go up against Matt's Racers concepts in the WHA ReDesign Final. You can go to the WHA COMP page to see the final match-up.
WHA ReDesign Final vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)
I will have the full results of both divisional WHA votes posted later tonight on the WHA COMP page.

The winner of the COTW March 12-18 vote is Avi with his Columbus Blue Jackets concepts. You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see them. The results of the very close vote are below.
Avi - 5
Ryan - 4
Jari - 3
Matt M. - 1

The poll for the primary logo on the HJC jersey will be ended later tonight. If you have yet to vote for your top 3 logos, go to the HJC JERSEY page and cast your votes. The poll for the shoulder patch will begin on Monday. If you have any ideas for the shoulder patch, send them in and they may be included in the poll.

A lot of people weren't fans of the "Buffa-slug". Which is probably why River City Sports is selling those jerseys off at low low prices! A replica will cost you $20 (CDN & USA) and an authentic will cost $40 (CDN & USA). Both home blues and road white are available. I was sure to purchase one! I feel like this could be one of those terrible jerseys that becomes a bit of a collector's item in the future. Almost like the Islanders' fishsticks logo and the Ducks "Wild Wing" sweater...almost.

I created this new template based on the view of the jerseys for sale on Shop.NHL.com. It fits that same collars and dimensions of the NHLuniforms.com template. It will be available on the TEMPLATES page.


Boston Bruins concept (by John T.)
Here's another green Bruins concept that I should have posted closer to St. Patrick's Day. I like it except for the black collar insert. If you're going to do that, then I would have also of made the pants and helmet black, just to tie it all in a little more.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
These have potential, but right now I'm not digging them. I think the colours need rearranging on the arm and hem stripes. I think I'd also do away with the yokes. Finally an execution note, the player numbers on the back look too close together.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Thomas L.)
While there are a lot of stripes, I don't think there are too many. I think they may be too far up the arms though. If they were moved back towards the cuffs, it would expose more of the main jersey colour thus making it more relevant. Nicely executed though Thomas.

Kelowna Rockets concept (by Matt R.)
The idea of this jersey isn't too bad, but I am biased because I'm quickly losing interest in jerseys with stripes across the chest. A few notes, one being that the NHL shield in the collar insert needs to be removed. Secondly, I would make the TV numbers in the arm stripe the same colour as the jersey to make them more visible. Finally, The black used in the primary logo does not match the black that is used on the jersey. That should be consistent.

Sarnia Sting concept (by HJC)
This was my entry for the Sarnia Sting 3rd jersey competition. I really thought the "bee" look could be exploited, but I didn't want it to be tacky. So, I kept it to the arms and because the arms are so bold I kept the hem striping very minimal. I think this sweater can be viewed as both a "bee" themed jersey and a "fauxback".

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Mazzz)
This is a great idea, but there is a major execution error. On the front the stripes go to the left side of the jersey, but then on the back they begin on the right. This seems to take inspiration from the current alternate and the mid-90's alt. If you are going to re-colour the logo like that, it makes it look like a WBS Penguins concept (AHL farm team).

St. Louis Blues concept (by Avi)
Avi liked my 3rd jersey for the St. Louis Blues ReDesign a few weeks ago. He's altered the numbers and the arm stripes and has also re-positioned the "BLUES" on the logo. I do have to say, that I think he removed the one thing that made my jersey unique and that's the yellow stitching.
COTW & WHA Results Reviewed by Ryan on March 23, 2012 Rating: 5


Thomaslivingstone said...

I bought a replica home Sabres Jersey, that's such a good deal. sure they aren't the nicest, but still.

Justin said...

Great Sting jersey Ryan! COTW nomination from me!

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